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Scandalous photos of yours truly!

So I got called an “NDP-loving Liberal” at the now virtually scrapped “notaleader” site in the “Dionbook” from a cropped photo the Conservative War Room used from last year’s Progressive Blogger BBQ which had me sitting beside NDP MP Peggy Nash, who was invited to attend. What in the world will the Cons. War Room say when they get their hands on this photo!

This would be me standing beside independent Progressive Conservative Senator Elaine McCoy (of the blog Hullabaloos – the only Canadian Senator to have a blog, and yes, a member of Progressive Bloggers) and on the left is former Conservative blogger – now-turned Liberal Jim Calder of The Progressive Right. I guess that now makes me a Red Tory loving Liberal, or a hater of democracy since I invited a Senator to this event, or someone who has messy hair.. or something. Anyhow, I saved the Cons. War Room the trouble of cropping the photo this time if they want to initiate any more juvenile stunts (which is possible, since of course Ezra Levant is in the Cons War Room).

Here’s another picture from the 2008 Progressive Bloggers BBQ:

Vijay Sappani, Chris Tindal, Robert Pavalacic (Blast Furnace Canada), BigCityLib, Nigel Hussey (Nobleton Clear), Yours Truly, Senator Elaine McCoy (Hullabaloos), Deb Prothero (Une Femme Verte), Jim Calder (The Progressive Right), Gwen (Senator Mccoy's aide), and Jennifer Smith (RuneSmith's Canadian Content) and Miranda Hussey (A View From The Left) sitting in front

Not present in this photo but who also attended: Dan Gouge (More Notes From Underground), Impolitical, Buckets of Grewal, Paladiea (Stormy Ides of March), James Bow, Skinny Dipper, Jerad Gallinger. Omar Ha-Redeye (Law Is Cool)

A heads up as well to not be surprised if you see some of us in the next week or two on Susan Ormiston’s blog segment on CBC. We had a CBC crew from her show at the event today that did some clips and interviews for Ms Ormiston’s segment on CBC’s The National and Susan Ormiston Online.

More pictures to come soon.


5 comments to Scandalous photos of yours truly!

  • Good to hear it was a hit. Nice timing too with the election going.

  • Thanks again to Vijay for hosting this, and to Scott for pulling it together.

    And it’s okay, I think we all have to love the NDP and Greens a little more to get these guys out.

    Sorry I missed the group photo.

  • An “NDP-loving Liberal”? Have they ever even read your blog?

  • Sorry I missed the photo session. I had to leave early for a stock photo shoot. I wonder if my sexy body will make it onto a Conservative ad. I have been to the airport in Los Angeles, but that’s all I saw of California.

  • Deb Prothero

    are you the rose or the thorn?

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