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Keeping it simple will work for Dion.

The more Dion does this, the better it will be for his campaign:

At a rally in Napanee, Ont., Mr. Dion said that some people have called the plan complicated. “It’s very simple. I will give you the Liberal plan in six words, you will see: Cut income taxes, shift to pollution.” He then challenged Conservative leader Stephen Harper to explain his environmental plan in six words. “Okay, okay 10 words. Thirty words? No, no I will help him. In two words: No plan.”

As I have said before, I like the Liberal TV Ads on the Green Shift, and I like this approach of explaining it in the simplest terms as possible. Far from “running away” from the policy as Harper claimed he would do, Dion has been bringing it up on a rather consistent basis. This new “keep it simple” approach will help him greatly in selling the plan to Canadians in his stump speeches and reminding them that Harper does not have any credible plan of his own. Harper has more or less admitted this by advocating policies that will not only increase GHG but sap the nation’s finances further – A “Brown-Grey Shift”.

By the way, while Harper and his Conservatives may not have anything directly to do with this -another oil spill in Alberta that has killed over 500 birds; mostly ducks and swallows – it’s a rather tragic symbol in my opinion of how the Conservatives view the environment – which is a rather dim one.


6 comments to Keeping it simple will work for Dion.

  • I don’t buy it. Still looks like a tax grab to me.

  • Gayle

    Cara – I wish teh LPC would drive that point home. Right now they keep defending the GS. They need to go harder on the CPC plan, and the costs to the consumer if it goes ahead.

  • Cara


    If the big polluters pay and R&D is the benefactor then who pays for the R&D? The consumers get hit with higher prices because that’s how the R&D is paid for! Jack Minze, an economist at the UCalgary has said that consumers will be hit harder with higher prices if the Tories are serious about their green plan.
    At least under Dion’s plan there is tax relief for folks while the economy makes the transition away from expensive oil/fossil fuels.
    By the way, I don’t see economists speaking very highly of the Tory plan but they’re certainly praising Dion’s plan.

  • Gayle

    Wilson – on Harper’s own argument against the GS, his own “plan” will increase the cost of everything.

    Scott – Harper only said Dion would run away so he could either claim he was correct if Dion did stop campaigning on the GS, or so he could take credit for “playing chess” by challenging Dion to do so, because Harper believes the GS will sink the LPC.

    The fact is Dion was always going to do this, but that will not stop the wilson’s of the world from believing Harper outwitted Dion.

  • This quote should be an ad by itself.

  • wilson

    I’ll take a stab at it.

    Big pollutors pay, R&D the benifactor.

    Regulate industry, fuel R&D.

    Industry GHG caps boost R&D .

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