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Thanks Devin, but I’m not really a litigator like our PM is.

Your support is nice and the sentiment appreciated in your Vlog here, and I’m sure others who’ve been targets would agree. I’m not particularly in the suing frame of mind over this silly juvenile tactic, however.

Personally, if the Conservative war room wants to send me and other Liberal bloggers extra web traffic, they can knock themselves out. Maybe this creation of theirs was what that one supposedly over-eager webguy was doing before he was creating Puffin-Gate (or Poop-Gate, as Calgary Grit blogger Dan Arnold prefers to call it.)

I’m actually pleased to see they think bloggers are important enough to try and go after. I’ll also note they went after folks they probably consider to be high traffic bloggers, so I don’t doubt they were hoping for some outrage and some links back to their site to give them additional traffic -which I will make a point of not doing.

Lastly, I’d actually like to have seen what these guys would have said about me if Garth Turner, who had been invited to last years Progressive Blogger BBQ but couldn’t make it, had been able to attend and I’d sat down beside him for the group photo rather then Peggy Nash.

PS – If you want to participate in Devin’s podcasts, where he gets various bloggers to join him on a bloggers roundtable and discuss topics every Saturday afternoon, give him a shout at his email.


3 comments to Thanks Devin, but I’m not really a litigator like our PM is.

  • In other words, you checked and your personality had not been misappropriated so you didn’t feel any need to pursue legal action.

  • Personally, I thought Harper knew everything about the campaign. He runs a centralized campaign where he should make every decision about the campaign.

    Let us all remember that the new Conservative Party consists of the grassroots who supported the poopoolist politics of the Reform/Alliance Party.

    Oh, how I miss the 1969 TV show, H.R. Pufnstuf.

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