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Liberals promise to ban military assault weapons if elected.

I haven’t seen this yet in the media in my quick scan of headlines (though I expect it will be soon) but I saw this press release from the Liberals that should resonate in many urban centres across Canada. The Liberals will ban military assault weapons and add them to the prohibited weapons list if elected, which was very appropriately announced by Dion at Dawson College, the scene of a tragic shooting of a young girl in 2006:

Mr. Dion at an event at Dawson College (said) Military assault weapons have no connection to hunting or sport shooting, and serve absolutely no purpose in our society. No one outside of the military needs these weapons and we would all be safer without them in Canada. A Liberal government would ensure that the list of prohibited weapons is updated to include all military assault weapons. This approach was supported last Thursday by Coroner Jacques Ramsay in his report into the tragic shootings at Dawson College in 2006.

So, Dion is endorsing the official coroner’s report on this by promising to implement it as a policy. I’ll be very interested to see if Harper and his Public Safety Minister Stockwell Days does as well.

In addition, Dion promised that the government’s firearms advisory committee would be made to reflect broader opinions across Canada then it currently is now:

Under the Conservatives the committee had been quietly stacked with firearms enthusiasts, providing little in the way of unbiased advice. While the voices of legitimate gun owners deserve to be heard on the committee, we will ensure that there are representatives of major police associations like the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and the Canadian Police Association, health and safety experts and true advocates of gun control on the committee.

I also like Dion saying that “Stephen Harper cannot be tough on crime when he is soft on guns”. I think that is a prefect way to show Harper and the Conservatives have a double standard on this “tough on crime” spiel that this right-wing bunch tend to use to try to portray everyone else as soft. Reminding voters that Harper and the Conservatives are ideologues comparable to the National Rifle Association and their Republican allies is a good line of attack. Gun control and their visceral opposition to it is a soft spot in the Conservative armour – at least in urban Canada.


5 comments to Liberals promise to ban military assault weapons if elected.

  • Collector


    As a gun collector this infuriates me. I collect all manner of firearms, particularly those with historical and military related background. Banning military assault weapons is ridiculous, Assault Weapon is just a buzz word, they’ve already taken our full autos, what do they want next? The semis, the bolt actions, my handguns? Where would it end?

    You really think gun control will make you safe? Check out Britain. Then, check out Switzerland. Tell me which of those two places is safer? That’s right, Switzerland is safer despite it having guns of almost every description in almost every household. Many of their citizens even have concealed carry permits.

    I don’t collect hunting rifles, nor do I hunt, what need have I of hunting rifles if that’s all we were allowed to buy?

    Why do I own guns if I don’t hunt, you say? Because I want to, that’s why, and in our free country, that is all the justification I need. I’m hurting no one with my hobby and I keep all of my firearms well secured from theft.

    Just because I collect firearms it does not make a raving lunatic. The many should never be punished for the crimes of the few, that is not our way.

    Canada is a free country and taking away our freedoms stands against everything that it is to be Canadian, or have you all forgotten that?

  • I’m sorry, but *huh*? You mean, they’re going to ban the guns that are already banned? Full auto assault weapons have been banned for years! Semi-automatic is nothing more than one pull of the trigger fires one bullet! “Assault weapons” is just a name someone gave the gun because of what they “look” like. So, what exactly are they planning on banning that hasn’t already been banned?

    This is the most ridiculous “feel-good” statement I’ve heard all week! Maybe instead of the inevitable banning of kitchen knives, we should actually go about hiring police officers and ensuring that they have good relations with the public.

    Stop fighting me, as a law abiding gun owner, and start fighting the criminals!

  • “In other news, Stephan Dion announced that, if elected, his government would immediately outlaw murder and impose prison time for rape and assault.”

    Its nice words, but automatic weapons are already banned or heavily restricted.

    And as I have said elsewhere, this is an incredibly predictable line from the Liberals – they promise some sort of gun control measure every election. This is not something new. To me, this just demonstrates the Liberals have no new ideas.

    Telling a potential supporter in rural Ontario that he will be punished with regulations because of something a disturbed person in Montreal is not going to win him or her over. They’ve literally heard that same song before.

    Are you seriously telling me that the only method the Liberals have for fighting gun crime is to ban [insert type of gun used in recent tragedy here] guns?

    Sorry, this smacks of unoriginality and the exploitation of a tragedy for political gain.

  • Indeed. It’s a hell of a line, and will resonate with the voters that Dion is trying to attract.

    (Yes, it will probably alienate hard-core right-wingers, but he wasn’t getting their vote in the first place.)

  • Gayle

    Stephen Harper cannot be tough on crime when he is soft on guns.


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