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Harper and the Conservatives: Promise Breakers

I’d like to point you all to a new website that The BC Liberal campaign has launched as of this morning:

This sort of fits into the theme some of the progressive blogging community did on Sunday, when we were detailing all of the Conservatives broken promises from their last campaign. In this specific case, is a comprehensive audit of the Conservatives’ BC platform for the last election, detailing every broken promise. It was obviously cleverly timed to come on line to coincide with Stephen Harper’s visit to the Vancouver area this morning.

Check it out. You’ll see quite a few “Promise Made; Promise Broken” lines over there.


8 comments to Harper and the Conservatives: Promise Breakers

  • Ted

    Going back to 1993, Ted? Donít make me bring out the pacific scandal!

    NAFTA and the GST are the mother of all broken promises and we see them still square in the face. It was Conservative leadership that gave us both and cost them politically. The Liberals PROMISED to abolish both, but reaped the financial rewards instead.

    That is the truth, and Liberals know it.
    Therefore when it comes to “breaking promises”, they have no credibility.

  • ALW

    You completely dodged my point, Jeff, which is that at least we got a deal. Your party got jack squat and had no prospect of getting anything in the forseeable future.

    But that’s hardly surprising, from the party that loves to talk a good game but can’t deliver when push comes to shove (see: Kyoto; child care et al).

  • Yeah, it’s just a billion dollars, right? Tell that to the unemployed mill workers in coastal British Columbia. And as for the peace we bought with their billion dollars? It barely lasted months before disputes began to flare-up again. Fair trade should mean fair trade, and we’re not entirely powerless in this relationship. But I guess “Stand up for Canada” was just a slogan.

    Going back to 1993, Ted? Don’t make me bring out the pacific scandal!

  • Ted

    The MOTHER of all broken promises from the Liberal Party.
    Tearing up NAFTA and abolishing the GST

    Harper in contrast, promised to reduce the GST 2 points- KEPT

    100 bucks extra a month for each kid under 6-KEPT

    Deduct child sports from income tax-

  • ALW

    Actually Jeff, that’s exactly what I’d do. Why? Because the system isn’t perfect. There isn’t a legal remedy for everything. Do you know how many times in the average week I have to explain to someone who got the short end of the stick on some litigation matter that they are wasting their money to pursue it, because they’ll end up spending more than they recover? And they tell me it’s not fair, and I agree. But I tell them losing $1000 is a hell of a lot better than getting ripped off $5000.

    The Liberal answer to the softwood mess was to hold out until we got the perfect deal. And how precisely would we get that, Jeff? Any ideas? No, I didn’t think so. So much like Trudeau, you’ve got to piss all over people who came up with an imperfect solution.

  • So Aaron, let’s say I illegally take $5000 from you. It’s your money. I have no right to take it. You take me to court multiple times, and win nearly every time, but sill, I refuse to give your money back. So you hire an advocate to go after me for the money. He promises to get it all back, that’s why you hire him. He works at it, and says here, $4000 is the best he can do, because I’m a friend of his, and he wants to stay on hos good side. So you’ll just have to eat that $1000.

    Now imagine it’s billions, not thousands, and thousands in the BC lumber industry are out of work.

    Hey, it’s just a billion dollars, right?

  • ALW

    They could have just borrowed the domain that the Ontario PCs used to go after Dalton McGuinty. After all, we know that campaign worked wonders.

    I love the “headline” broken promises. Fixed election date! (what, you wanted him to stay in power?) Softwood lumber (he only got “most” of the money back!) Senate reform (The Liberals want to go here? Seriously?) Accountability (PPSC can’t act because EC hasn’t yet filed charges, not because Harper handcuffed him) and, of course, the critical issue of this campaign: leaky condos!

    Happy campaigning!

  • That is brilliant. I like the fact that the website itself is the news. It’s a shift from being stuck in the “counterpoint / error correction” position, which is where the opposition typically gets stuck after the Conservative team releases factually incorrect information to the media. When that information is corrected, the voting public is no longer paying attention to what comes across as yesterday’s news.

    On the same theme: It was fabulous to see the CBC cover off the mistruths and the corrections all at once in the same article today (in their coverage of the 6 am war room events of this morning). I blogged about this earlier today.

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