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Attempt at a gotcha moment, Part 2.

With regards to my earlier blogpost on Steve Janke trying to be a super-sleuth, I noticed courtesy of Red Tory’s site that Janke has done a followup to his blogpost. It appears he’s responded to CarbonZero being named as the carbon offset company for the Liberal campaign by posting this effort at his blogsite.

I saw this over at Janke’s comment thread from someone who appears to know what he is talking about:

Janke is deliberately misleading readers about Carbonzero. By interspersing stale quotes from How-Sen Chong from almost 2 years ago, with current events, he expects to successfully cast aspersion on the quality and nature of Carbonzero’s projects to throw mud at his political opponents.

How-Sen Chong (an active NDP member, by the way) had founded a sole proprietorship Carbonzero, which was a pre-cursor organization to Carbon Offset Managment Group Inc., doing business as Carbonzero. Carbon Offset Management Group Inc. “Carbonzero”, the current company, was incorporated in July 2007, and purchased the IP and assets of How-Sen’s Carbonzero. Chong’s quotes are from February and March 2007 and refer to his sole proprietorship.

It’s also worth noting that Carbonzero offset the NDP provincial campaign last year – the entire campaign — as well as the Liberal campaign. So they are not a Liberal shop by any means.

Let’s get to the real aim of Jankes blogpostings trying to denigrate the Liberals and Carbon Zero. This is all to distract people from how dirty and grey – not Green – the Tories and Stephen Harper are. Where is their offset strategy? How are they mitigating climate change? What is their plan?

They don’t have one. They don’t believe climate change is real. Check out Janke’s blog thread for evidence of that. These are the Flat Earthers of the 21st century, and Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party are chief among them, even if they profess to now believe the science behind climate change and global warming. Their actions – or lack thereof – betray this. (Remember Harper’s “so-called Greenhouse Gases” statement a couple years ago? I don’t doubt he still believes the earth’s ice caps are melting away due to sunspot activity, or too many cows emitting methane, or something).


3 comments to Attempt at a gotcha moment, Part 2.

  • Craig Hubley

    Janke’s blog seems like an incompetent mess to me. He doesn’t research what he writes about, beyond a simple google search or something. His attempt to describe the noxious Lisa Raitt (who was head of Toronto Port Authority when it began its amazing policy of suing grass roots citizens groups for criticizing it) as a “star candidate” shows how totally out of touch he is with basic ethical and media issues in campaigns, not to mention recent Supreme Court rulings against such SLAPP suits.

    To top it off, when you point out just how noxious people like Raitt are, and how the political process itself would be derailed if Harper had more SLAPP-suit-happy Ministers in his Cabinet, they threaten you with more SLAPP suits.

    Janke’s trash, unthinkingly endorsing all Harper positions without analysis.

    He may be best ignored except to catalogue the number of climate change deniers, forced-pregnancy advocates and prison-industrial-complex boosters who also unthinkingly endorse Harper policy.

    Yeah, he’s just another Steve – a splotch of tar sand derived “dirty oil” on the political landscape, hoping to attach itself to a live duck so it can drag the duck down into the tar and kill it.

  • Yeah, and that whole line about “WIND FARM!” was a load of crap too. Came from poor li’l Steve not knowing enough to read a press release, or being desperate enough to ignore it in favor of another page which, perhaps, hadn’t been updated in a little while.

    (Shock! Horreur!)

    And all this to distract from the rather embarrassing fact that his own El Supremo appears to beunlike all his opponentsoffseting not a single particle of carbon.

    These Steves are real pieces of work.

  • Typical waste of time by Janke. He’s such a mendacious little weasel.

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