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An attempt at a “gotcha” moment

You should guess once this campaign starts that some of our blogger acquaintances on the other side of the political spectrum would try to find some information out that they hope would cause Dion and the Liberals some embarrassment. Chief among those is Steve Janke, who’s been attempting to be a Blogging Tory super sleuth the past couple of years and hoping to find a story he can fling mud at the Liberals in the hope it will stick – the Garth Turner emails to folks inviting them to attend the Town Hall with Dion in Halton a couple of weeks ago and Steve trying to claim Mr. Turner was doing something not within the rules being the most recent example.

So his latest attempt at this is trying to embarrass the Liberals by saying they’re going to be flying an aircraft that is releasing more GHG then their political rivals.

I sent in a note to some folks at the LPC, and the reply was that they are buying carbon offsets for all campaign travel to neutralize the associated emissions. The company they are using to do that, in case Mr Janke was wondering, is CarbonZero, a Canadian carbon offsets company that helps consumers and businesses neutralize their emissions through offset projects located primarily in Canada.

Travelling by airplane is a necessary evil in Canada during a political campaign. The Liberals have recognized that and are doing their bit to offset that pollution. What would be interesting to know is if the Conservatives are buying their own carbon offsets for THEIR GHG pollution.

Maybe Mr. Janke can use his investigative skills and get back to all of us with an answer on that.

(H/T Stageleft for pointing out the Janke post)

UPDATE @ 10:25 am: Red Tory provides a link to Carbon Zerio if you wish to check them out.


11 comments to An attempt at a “gotcha” moment

  • As you are aware Scott I’m anti-all-political-parties, not just anti-Liberal… one of the joys of being one of the few non-partisans in the political blogosphere is that I get to pick on them all.

    With respect to the Green Shift I have seen nothing to convince me that it is (for all the reasons I have noted in IRC and elsewhere) the right thing to do.

    My position is (as you are also aware) that the planet has passed the tipping point and that, as opposed to knee jerk reactions like carbon taxes and cap and trade schemes, the responsible things to do are:

    (a) develop adaptation strategies for that which is upon us, and;

    (b) develop reasonable, affordable, and equitable, clean energy alternatives

    — and then, once they are available, penalize people who choose fossil fuel over them… as opposed to penalizing people for not using alternatives that either do not yet exist or which are not reasonable, affordable, and equitable.

  • If Stephane will pay me $1,000 a week, I’ll stay home and offset his indulgences. It isn’t easy being Green, but bribing others sure does help doesn’t it?

  • Well, there’s the talking points, Scott. The “Wind farm” thing. Chosen, no doubt, to distract from the question of what, exactly, his own party leader is doing.

    (Hint: It ain’t Jack. In either sense.)

  • dillon

    The Green Shift is supposed to work by increasing the cost to emitters thus causing them to reduce their emissions. Dion can’t reduce because he can’t afford a cleaner jet. Just like the average Canadian can’t afford a new car.

  • dillon

    It shows that you are either stupid or an out and out liar to state that sending money to fund a wind farm completed 7 years ago will reduce the carbon emitted by Dion’s jet today.

  • @stageleft

    Oh c’mon Stageleft.. the fact of the matter is they recognized there was a problem and they’re going to do something to offset it.. that’s what an offset means. I know you’re all anti-Liberal due to their Green Shift, but I think you need to re-think your stance on this.

    As I said, I’m waiting to hear that the Cons are also doing carbon offsets for their jaunts. Because uf they aren’t, and we’re doing carbon offsets, then technically they’d be not offsetting their carbon footprint, and technically they;d be releasing more GHG pollution, now wouldn’t they?

  • Anon

    Dion will be in Ontario and Quebec mostly. Why would he need a plane?

  • Oh goodie, carbon offsetting… another way of paying to pollute that does nothing more than (possibly) maintain the status quo. Offsetting is not reducing – and isn’t that what they want people to do, and isn’t that what they’re supposed to be about.

    Sorry man, it’s b/s. It may make the party faithful feel all warm and fuzzy but it will not change the fact that Dion’s plane is putting more GHG into the environment per hour than the other guys will – will it?

    PS: Good one on the “it’s a necessary evil” thought, justification of what your guy does is always important isn’t it?

  • jm

    So then the question Scott is, will they include this on their election expenses?

  • Traveling by plane is not required during 90% of a campaign’s travel time, we just tend to expect it.

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