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Be careful what you wish for.

I found this today on Youtube from the recent Guelph all-candidates debates. It shows Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote giving an answer to what a candidate would do if in a hypothetical situation his/her leader called and said their particular party no longer existed, what party would they support?

The person who left this at Youtube – an obvious Conservative supporter, and with a name that makes me guess pretty well who it is – used it to assert that Frank was openly advocating the unification of the political left in Canada, and that if that was the case, he didn’t see the reason why there should be a Liberal Party of Canada anymore.

My take on it is a tad different. In my view Frank was saying in his own words, “Hey, here’s Frank, he’s going to make Parliament work for a change..He will do what voters have been asking minorities to do for some time. Co-operate with other parties”.

Even if ‘ChristianTory08’ – the person who posted this video and opined he didn’t see the need for a Liberal Party anymore, was correct in his interpretation that this was Frank calling for unification of the political left in that hypothetical scenario, he should think a bit harder next time before he types his desire for that to happen, and for the Liberals to disappear.

Politically unifying the Left in Canada means 64-70% or more of the vote for that unified party. The Conservatives would be crushed and left as a rump party from Alberta and pockets of rural Canada if that scenario were to occur. Be careful what you wish for, as they say.


6 comments to Be careful what you wish for.

  • I’m surprised that this discussion is taking this long, considering how successful the Conservatives were.

    It might explain the NDP, though. Jack knows that he’s only got maybe two more elections before the merger talks heat up, and he has to do what he can to ensure that it’s his party in the drivers’ seat.

    (Hmm. The “Liberal Democratic Party”. Sounds workable.)

  • Throbbin

    Good answer IMHO.

    I would go Dipper or Green before CPoC anyday. With a unified right, the Cons have pretty much reached the limits of their growth potential, whereas the left has 4 parties. I’m not advocating unification, just noting that we have alot more room to grow than the CPoC.

  • ALW

    You’ve got be joking. You actually think the entire Liberal party would follow into some arrangement with the NDP and Greens?

    The endurance of the Liberal Party was always its strength to straddle the centre. Apparently, it’s left wing has now taken it over so far that any remnant of sane centrism left is now considered too right-wing to touch with a ten foot pole.

    • @ALW

      Aaron.. try reading properly before you go completely unhinged. I gave a range of percentages. didn’t I? 🙂

      The fact is, Canada is a liberal/progressive country, period. Any uniting of the centre-left would mean the Conservatives would be faced with utter banishment to the hinterlands of Canadians politics, unless they ditched their extreme right wing as they have now and revive the “Progressive” Conservative wing of the party.

      The latter won’t happen.. and the Liberal Party disappearing isn’t about to occur either, despite Stevie’s plotting at trying to do so. It was a hypothetical question that was brought up at the all-candidates meeting, and Frank was the only one who had the guts to answer it directly.

  • wilson

    ‘Politically unifying the Left in Canada means 64-70% or more of the vote for that unified party.’

    Currently the Libs and Greens and Dippers combined total is 125 seats.
    Cons have 127.
    In the next election, the left may play musical chairs but….
    You’re including the Bloc, and they will never become a part of any left unification.

  • Hey Scott, yes it is my video, but YouTube wouldn’t allow me enough letters to use the name “ChristianConservative”… figured that “ChristianTory08” would make it easy enough for everyone to figure it out.

    Actually posted this on my blog today.

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