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Striking back at Palin and Republicans sneering at “community organizers”

If you missed her loathsome speech a couple of nights ago, one of the things that Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin did in trying to argue that her being governor of Alaska gave her more experience then Obama running for President was to be very condescending and degrading to Obama and everyone else who did or does community organizing – that is apparently the Republican brand new code-word for Islamofascism, or un-American, or whatever. You’ll see some of the outrage at those remarks here but I wanted to focus on two very effective rebuttals to this deplorable attack.

#1 is this saying and logo that has popped up on the liberal blogosphere today:

Very effective, in my POV.

#2 is the Obama response to these snide put downs of community work and community organizing.


5 comments to Striking back at Palin and Republicans sneering at “community organizers”

  • Smack

    Watching US election coverage makes me happier to be Canadian, having to make a choice between parties and two people I dislike would leave me feeling hopeless.

  • Both are very effective – particularly Obama’s response.

  • Well said.

    You might be interested in the John Stewart link that Creative Revolution put up – brilliant.

  • Joseph

    Oh and Thanks! That was the first time I saw his full response (had just seen print). Spot on. I think that’s going to be part of his stump speech now.

    I just still don’t get it. Do they not realize that their are “community organizers” in every community in the country, both large and small?

    I would have thought Miss “I’m just a small town moose skinner” would get that. After all, she “knows” small town folks so well.

  • Joseph

    I heard that first one today as well.

    VERY EFFECTIVE! Particularly given her being the charmer of the evangelical right.

    The best explanation of the “community organizer” code I saw today, which as bad as it sounds, sounded plausible to me is the following.

    To the crowd on the floor:


    It surprised me how derisive and smug the reaction was whenever that bone was tossed out to them.

    Seemed like the kinda crowd who would kick a girl scout selling cookies for camp.

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