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Guelph Greens claim to be in 2nd place from little-known pollster.

This may be a tad irrelevant now that it looks certain that Harper will call a general election before the by-election date, thus cancelling them out, but the Guelph Greens are crowing about this poll that was taken in the riding showing them to be in 2nd place:

The poll, conducted Sept. 1 and 2 by Oraclepoll Research, shows Green Party support is now almost twice as high as the Conservatives’ and three times the level of the NDP .The standings are: Frank Valeriote, Liberals 38.4%; Mike Nagy Green Party 24.2%; Gloria Kovach, Conservatives 12.6%; Tom King, NDP 8.0%. A further 16.7% of voters are undecided..The Oraclepoll survey was conducted on Sept, 1 and 2 with 300 electors who say they are certain to vote. The polls margin of error is +/-5.7%, 19 times out of 20.

This would be a stunning result if it were accurate. The caveat there is IF it is accurate. The pollster doesn’t exactly have a lot of history of doing a lot of polls. So, as much as I’m tempted to want to believe Ms Kovach of the Cons is floundering at that level of support, I’m going to have to put this one in my “sceptical” drawer.


5 comments to Guelph Greens claim to be in 2nd place from little-known pollster.

  • It’s not as stunning as the level of anti-democratic goal post moving that is coming out of a lot of progressive and conservative bloggers (and politicians) regarding the inclusion of the Greens in the debate. That they’d support a broadcast media cartel instead of precedent and good sense, is appalling.

  • Sean

    and than a full election comes into play and the feel good Green vote of by-elections goes away.

  • MĂ©

    I wonder if someone is using the so-called anti-abortion pollsters. KLVU? KVLU? KPMG? (Don’t sue me, KPMG. It’s a joke.)

    With a general election coming, I think the polls may change. People vote differently in by-elections than in general elections.

  • smalltownguy

    All you have to do is go to Guelph and spend a few days there and you will clearly see that the Greens are doing extremely well there. 25% is not out of the question. I was campaigning for Mike in a mall in Guelph this last weekend and the support is awesum. I would say that this is a sign of things to come for the greens. If I was Harper et al I would running to the bathroom.

  • Another bunch of robo-callers. I wonder if this is the wave of the future?

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