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Bad (pre)election optics for Harper and the Conservatives.

Let’s list those bad optics as I see them:

– Two polls come out yesterday from Decima and the election guru, Nanos, showing the Liberals leading within the margin of error. Both breakdowns in regional vote would lead to a Liberal minority government if they were to translate to Election Day.

– You have the tainted meat scandal; “Deli-Gate”, as some are calling it. Up to 15 people possibly dead, with the Health Minister Tony Clement in Denver not bothering to return to address the crisis, all while cracking food jokes and meeting with American Big Oil over the Alberta tar-sands. Plus, a document revealed to show that the Conservatives have already implemented some hands-off approach to inspecting, with a proposal in Cabinet to be even more hands-off and let the industry do its own testing, and now another report today showing that the Conservatives were pushing for LOWER industry standards on listeria. Walkerton redux.

– You now have Quebec up in arms over the cuts made to several cultural and arts programs. How much up in arms? Enough that Chantal Hebert, daily Dion critic who not a couple of days ago reminded everyone how the Liberal brand is still suffering in Quebec, now writes in today’s column that Harper and company may have thrown Dion and the Liberals a lifeline there.

You still want that election call Harper, with the additional optic of basically ignoring your own fixed term law and trying to dissolve Parliament before it even meets?

Be my guest.


6 comments to Bad (pre)election optics for Harper and the Conservatives.

  • kontrol

    Harper is walking into Dion’s trap. LOL. I don’t see a downside to the Liberals if Harper calls an election. At best, he wins another minority (no change) and the Liberals have a reason to fire Dion and get a real LEADER.

  • Harry S

    It’s not bad .. it’s terrible optics going into a snap federal election. I just don’t know how Harper will be able to deflect the criticism for all these debacles.

    It would seem to me that Dion would lead the charge into a snap election and not dither. Letting the 4 by-elections go ahead and then pulling the plug would be unconscionable and would anger all the voters in the 4 ridings.

    Also letting this government continue while the economic sh!t is hitting the fan would also be bad optics. So Canadians deserve an election asap so Liberals can go back to power asap.

    Agree, disagree..???

  • Well, my family in Manitoba, who are not political at all, hate Harper. “You know he’s a fundamentalist!!’ she tells me when I come in to visit from Toronto.

    I think the folks who were directly affected by Tory cuts, such as Walkerton would had different opinions.

    The thing is, the longer the conservatives are in the better folks get to know them.

    It appears that Harper is prepared to roll the die and has all but to cast them. Anything can happen in politics, but the ads are running, and he’s set up a charade of a justification for breaking his own law. The Globe and Mail is giving us a date October 14th.

    As Jean-Paul Sartre famously titled on of his books, “Les jeux sont faits!”

  • ALW

    Scott, some perspective would be useful. I’ve gone doorknocking with the Tory candidate in Waterloo. Not a single person has mentioned any of these things at the door! Some like Harper, some don’t, but you seem to be “projecting” again. Don’t forget that the vast majority of people don’t care about politics as much, or follow it as closely, as much as you or I do.

  • kwittet

    Scott I find it very sad that you have stooped to political posturing while people are dying. Lets blame Harper and the cons for every single thing that has ever gone wrong in history…


  • Anon

    I hope if the Liberals win they will focus on the complete utter destruction of the Supposi-tories. Thats if the conservatives aren’t de-listed as a political party for the in and out scandal.

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