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Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. Wow.

I just finished watching Barack Obama’s acceptance speech as candidate for the Democrats as President Of the United States.


This wasn’t just soaring rhetoric; he laid out some of the policies he wanted to do, and he was taking it to John McCain and the Republicans and going head-on against the attacks they’ve been levelling against him. He was also being pretty gutsy in laying out that he respected those who disagreed with him on gay marriage, guns, abortion, social security, etc. Talk about being bold for bringing up all those right-wing boogeymen topics.

Full text of speech here, but you really need to see it to capture the significance of the speech. I’d say historic, but I’ll wait to use that phrase if/when he’s elected as President of the United States, and I do believe he will be. I’ve said elsewhere that in the end, I think Obama is going to get over 300 Electoral Votes and win comfortably. If he keeps up performances like tonight, and performs this way in the debates, McCain and the Republicans won’t know what hit them.

UPDATE: NBC’s Chuck Todd details how the response from the McCain camp shows even they were taken aback by the power of this speech:

UPDATE 2: Check out what a Republican consultant said on CNN tonight: “whoever didn’t get picked for Republican VP today may be a lucky Republican.”


7 comments to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. Wow.

  • Ted

    The good news is that if he gets elected, the mission in Afghanistan will get a boost. All the Canadian Obama worshipers will have to hear him say how Canada’s commitment will need to be extended until victory. Perhaps the liberal leftists in our country will finally be convinced.

  • ALW

    One of the best political speeches I’ve ever seen in my life.

    But is being a good orator enough to win an election?

    At this stage I would probably agree he’s going to win. But it’s certainly not going to be a cakewalk.

  • Too often politicians give speeches that are so full of soundbites and innuendo that one can easily path out the rest of the speech and tune out after just two minutes. Obama held me on the edge of my seat for the whole 50 minutes. I feel his reach-out to social conservatives towards the end sealed the deal — something he absolutely had to do.

  • It was quite a speech, and very substantive as it needed to be. I understand, respect, and to a fair degree share Catnip’s skepticism about Obama. However, I think that with this speech, Obama has set a very high standard for himself. If he becomes president actions and policies will be measured against this speech. That can only be a good thing.

  • Ted

    You will not find this “seniors moment” on msnbc.

    “American people already hate everything McCain says – this time – he stands for.”

    Polls show its very close.

  • Mound of Sound

    Scott, I concur entirely. As for Ted, he’s being delusional in the finest right-wing tradition. If you think John “Seniors’ Moment” McCain can lift a thought off a typed page, well thank you for that. Obama is going to wipe the floor with McCain’s hypocrisy, record and Bush/Rovian policies. The American people already hate everything McCain says – this time – he stands for.

    I’ve recently become unwillingly knowledgeable about geriatric decline – I know what I see.

  • Ted

    Obama is excellent at reading speaches.
    The speech was loaded with downright distortions and falsehoods.
    He does not do well in debates, or even interviews (ie. live at Saddleback two weeks ago a disaster).
    The Obama campaign will isolate him from any potential hard hitting interviews, and keep its fingers crossed during the debates. Given the political climate, he should win.

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