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A rather obvious ploy

I don’t think it should be any big mystery why Harper all of a sudden wants immediate meetings with all opposition leaders. His actions suggest he knows he’s not going to do well in any of the 3 byelections taking place on Sept 8, and he wants to dissolve the House before that happens. That’s why I like the “what’s the rush, Steve?” strategy the Liberals are taking to the press:

Agreeing to Dion’s proposal to meet on Sept. 9 would preclude the Conservatives from forcing a general election call before three Sept. 8 by-elections in Ontario and Quebec – a timetable the Tories are believed to favour…the Liberals said they wouldn’t be pressured into the Tories’ timetable. “What’s the rush? The meeting is to be about the fall sitting of Parliament. (The) House doesn’t return till Sept. 15,” Dion spokesperson Mark Dunn said. “There is no crisis except the one being manufactured by Harper. We’ve never been told there was a time limit for this meeting, other than it was to happen before the House reconvened,” he said.

I believe Harper has no desire to allow the opposition parties – and the Liberals in particular – to have any momentum going into a Fall election. Otherwise, why would he and his spokespersons reject a meeting that Dion has proposed for Sept 9th as too late, when as the Liberals say the House isn’t even scheduled to resume until Sept 15? It’s very transparent on Harper and the Conservatives part. It also shows off Harper’s control freak tendencies of trying to get his way on this.


2 comments to A rather obvious ploy

  • A great quote to play back during the coming election! Harper’s claim that the fixed election law applies only to a majority government is also a crock. Of course he cannot prevent the opposition from causing an election but he can surely prevent himself. Apparently, he can’t though when to delay an election looks worse.

  • Harper is afraid of the election in the U.S.A.. They sent Cons down there. along with Tony Clement to find out what is going on..ridiculous.
    Harper is afraid also of the results of the in and out, Cadman etc. They people will not know these results until after the election, when it will be too late for the public (voter ) to do anything about it.

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