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“Ye reap what ye sow”

Christian Conservative, better known now as Andrew Prescott, riding president of the Guelph Conservative Party, has finally resurfaced a week or so after his cover was blown, with a blogpost bemoaning “gotcha politics”.

I find it rather ironic he’s moaning about gotcha politics when he engaged in it first. You might remember he got ticked off at a post done at Far and Wide and decided to blurt across the internet Steve V’s identity. Actually, let me change my first sentence: I find him extremely hypocritical.

Not only that; he’s missing the point entirely. First, he hid or tried to hide his association with the Guelph Conservative Party. Even on Gloria Kovach’s picture site, he was listed as a mere “volunteer”, rather then that he was a bigwig in the Conservative Party.

Secondly, you’ll note he protests in that blogpost of his about his disclaimer where it says his views don’t necessarily represent those of the Conservative Party. Again, He’s missing the point; The point is not whether his views represent the CPC’s views or not – the fact is he threw a big stone when he lived in an even bigger glass house. I might also add it just shows once again that Conservatives love flinging and smearing the mud around, but when it gets thrown back in their face, they cry and whine about it.

[email protected]:08pm: Jeff over at Where’d That Bug Go also responds to Andrew’s hypocritical blogpost, with his own take.


11 comments to “Ye reap what ye sow”

  • The situation that this is worth comparing to is that of the Calgary Grit, Dan Arnold. For a while, he posted anonymously, and yet he clearly had an insider position when he posted his analysis and, more importantly, he remained a respected blogger. Why is that?

    It’s very likely that he got a tremendous pass because he handles himself in such an even-handed, almost non-partisan fashion. It’s very clear that he was speaking for himself, even though he wore his party affiliation on his sleeve. He wasn’t afraid to criticize his own party when he needed it.

    And possibly there was the fact that he chose to reveal his own identity, and his own connections within the Alberta Liberal party.

    I can’t really think what the problem was with Christian Conservative choosing to keep secret the fact that he was so high up in the Guelph campaign. A lot of people post anonymously, after all. However, I think CC would have saved himself some trouble, and possibly increased traffic to his blog if he had been more forthcoming in his connections. Not only would he have vanquished the perception of sniping from under cover, the potential for an insider’s take on the Guelph campaign could have drawn out the political junkies, and possibly even helped Kovach in her election. People like it when a campaign speaks to voters, unscripted.

  • As a former riding President and still blogger, I always made it well known of my position and potential bias…sometimes to the aggravation of those above me in the party.

  • You know if someone is going to go around trying to advertise any kind of dirt they can find, then they better make sure their side of the street is squeaky clean, and it wasn’t.

    This is one of the reasons I don’t as my side of the street is not clean at all, and I’m smart enough to not start picking up my own garbage at someone else.

    Also, you know, I have absolutely no desire to cruise through all the conservative blogs. They live in their world and nothing, including my comments is going to change it. I choose to not be exposed to people who think that way. I always wonder about the cons the feast on the liberal blogs linking to comments, posts etc.

    I’ve seen some liberal blogs make reference to some con blogs, and in this case, when someone is holding positions within a political party where their views are important, and they are trying to hide it, then I am interested.

    Why does someone have to hide their views? Oh ya, because this particular party will take wingnuts, let them work their hearts out for them, but will never let them have a public voice as to control the message. Thus, anonymity is required, and I wouldn’t never believe any pseudo-benevolent rational that was given.

    In the end, I could care less. People think they way they do, it’s just when they get into everybody else’s business I have a problem.

  • Not that Andrew really cares about “gotcha politics”. It ain’t the first time he’s been a christian hypocrite.

    It’s apparently different when you’re on his side of Christianity or blogging.

  • @Christian Conservative

    Actually Andrew.. it wasn’t blown by me at all.. there was never a big deal made about it. Most of us knew who Steve was as well.. but it was you who got ticked and decided to blare it across the internet. You talk about gotcha politics? What you did was extremely uncool… so don’t go crying about the same thing happening to you.

    All I can say is, if you’re the guy leading the Guelph Cons, then the Guelph Liberals won’t have anything to worry about. It’s no wonder Harper wants to preempt the byelections.. he probably has poll numbers that say you’re going to0 get crushed in Guelph and wants to delay your embarrassment.

  • I don’t get the whole anonymous bullshit thing anyway. Never have. If you don’t have the conviction of your own actions, then just go away.

    I’ve been, and am, a riding president, and I have zero fear of being “discovered”. My opinions are that of my own. It’s called freedom of speech. Something – other than scripted party lines – conservatives have no knowledge of.

  • Bradley Williams

    Andrew, you miss the point entirely. The fact is not that you kept your identity a secret. Lots of people do that.

    A lot of people always knew your name was Andrew Prescott. What they didn’t know is that you were the president of the Guelph Conservative Riding Association, which is a relevant public issue now given the by-election – your views notwithstanding.

    The issue – and I say this with no malice – is that you’re a total hypocrite. You still are one given what your write today.

    You are complaining how you are a victim of a smear job. I don’t see how you are. All that people said is that you are the Guelph riding association president, and then wondered what relation your views are to Gloria Kovach’s. That is a legitimate public question to ask.

    However, you do forget how you smeared SteveV of Far and Wide. He made comments about Gloria Kovach and you accused the Frank Valeriote team of smearing Gloria because Steve is a distant cousin of Frank.

    Your critics have come after you for hiding your position. You came after Steve for his family. Big difference.

    You chose to be a riding association president. It is entirely your choice. Steve can’t help being related to Frank though, and you went after him on that.

    You like the Bible? So do I. Remember that line about removing the log from your eye before you remove the speck from mine.

  • Ti-Guy

    Is he bearing false witness again?

  • LOL… nice try Scott. Steve V’s ID was blown here on your blog. And as for the “volunteer” tag on the photo, I didn’t have anything to do with putting it there… a friend took the pic for me, and posted it on the site without my knowledge… with an incorrect tag, I might add.

  • It’s there.. he just changed the title of the blogpost. You should be able to get there now from my link.

  • CWTF

    The blog seems to have gone “poof”….

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