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That’s a stretch.

Stephen Taylor came up with a post trying to claim because the Liberals have some social conservatives in their caucus (GASP! What a revelation!), somehow that makes the Liberals and Dion hypocrites on abortion. As Red Tory says:

Last time I checked, I don’t believe there was any requirement for members to fall into lock-step with the leader on this controversial issue and it’s fair to say that Dion’s position is entirely representative of the vast majority of the caucus.

It’s rather interesting to me that one rather innocuous sounding statement from Dion in answer to 1 question on that issue (dealing with Bill C-484, Ken Epp’s private member’s bill) in the broader 66 minute town hall at Halton where most of the questions were on the Green Shift and the environment has sent certain Conservative supporters scurrying around either trying to attack Dion, or else reassuring their readers what Harper has said on the issue (which isn’t much, at least not about his personal views on the topic).

You’d think they were afraid of being painted as being out of touch with the majority of Canadian opinion or something.


5 comments to That’s a stretch.

  • Dion whips this vote or the Liberal Party forgoes any claim to ‘pro-choice’. It is that simple.


  • Women’s reproductive freedom is no more a “controversial issue” than is slavery, and I don’t care what RT is calling it.

    Furthermore, it is most important that Canadians know just how many patriarchal dinosaurs reside in the LPC.

    Who gives a damn whether Dion eats pink hamburgers and makes nice with the girls? He whips his caucus, or he is worth nothing to us.

  • RT : Paul Wells swears a Tory pollster once said this to him “Who needs a majority if you can keep your base so horny they’ll never leave you?”

    Blue balls and eternal hope, RT.

  • It’s kind of understandable considering that Dion “threw down the gauntlet” at that town hall meeting and challenged Harper to come forward with his views on abortion that Conservative supporters would now be scurrying around trying to discredit Dion’s position on the matter. I’ve had commenters point out that his statement “glossed over” the issue (which it did) without really addressing what to me is the crucial point here — that Harper and the Conservative Party pays lip service to the SoCons and his happy for their support and money, while at the same time professing their government will never even open the matter up to debate, let alone enact any legislation about abortion, arguably the SoCon’s number one issue (well ahead of SSM, which he’s also said is a dead letter). So what gives? I realize they’ve really got nowhere else to go, but how is it that Harper can deprive the SoCons of any political relevance while still being able to shake them down for money and votes?

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    Isn’t Harper’s position (publicly) on abortion pretty much IDENTICAL to Dion’s (i.e. I won’t bring forth any legislation regarding abortion).

    Both parties have both pro-life and pro-choice members. Both leaders seem to say they won’t legislate abortion (whatever their personal feelings). So if the Liberals position is hypocritical, isn’t the Tory position hypocritical in the EXACT SAME WAY?

    That post by Taylor is really confusing to me.

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