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Friday bits and bytes


David Akin has done a pretty good investigative piece on the KLR Vu Guelph poll that caused some interest and controversy a couple of days ago when it was released. I’ll note here as I did over there at David’s site that I did send an email to the polling firm asking them how many of the 3396 respondents they polled refused to answer or hung up. I’ve yet to receive an answer back from the firm.


I was told by StageLeft that he had heard on Ottawa Radio CFRA this AM a Conservative-sympathetic host responding to Stephane Dion challenging Harper to state what his views on abortion were in this manner: Dion was trying to change the channel because he was “desperate” not to talk about the Green Shift.

What nonsense.

Let me remind those CFRA folks that this question came up during Garth Turner and Dion’s 66 minute town hall meeting which almost exclusively talked about the Green Shift – Dion is certainly not trying to run from that policy. Here’s the video. You’ll need to watch the video for a time before the question comes up – it was one floor question out of many there on the Green Shift:

The only one trying to change the channel here is the Conservatives and supporters like CFRA radio, for not wanting to discuss a very touchy topic for them – since they know Harper’s opinion is likely not within the mainstream of current Canadian opinion. Some brave leader, as Red Tory says.

UPDATE: Nice post over here by Jeff. Apparently the Cambridge Times thinks Gloria’s already gotten elected in the Guelph riding. Yeesh. I hope that isn’t a sign of how objective they normally are.


5 comments to Friday bits and bytes

  • @annie

    Re-read what I said, Annie. The paper made the error of saying Gloria was the newly elected MP… it wasn’t Gloria who said that or thought that.

  • If this Con woman thinks she is already in,,what happens if King Steve calls an election…what happens to the by-elections and all the money put in to them ? It will be the Cons who have all the money.. since they do not care what anyone else spent, for nothing

  • Ottlib

    If that 3369 was the number of the sample then your question would be valid.

    However, if that was the number of respondents in the poll then it would not be valid as they would all be complete or partial complete interviews.

    Considering the response rate for a political poll is in the neigbourhood of 10% I cannot see this number being the sample size. That would have lead to less than 500 completed questionnaires.

  • Torontonian

    At least that’s a little better than Dion’s treatment yesterday on CFRB with Bill Carroll

    Carroll is a gruff person who interrupts and overtalks his guests when he has guests in the studio. I’m surprised that
    Dion would put up with such ignorance the “host” but maybe that type of things comes with the territory.

    So, it comes as no surprise the ignorance and mendacity when it comes to liberals on talk radio.

  • My guess is that they demon dialed the entire riding (it was probably automated….”press 1 for Liberal” etc) and the 3396 is the number of responses they actually got.

    So the hang-ups/no refuses would be everyone else in the riding.

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