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Gloria finally graces Guelph voters with her presence, gets grilled.

Gloria Kovach, Conservative candidate in Guelph, did finally decide to show up to an all-candidates debate last evening. I’m pleased to see she finally found it worth her time and the voters time to attend. One of the questions that got brought up last night at that debate was why she was the candidate for Guelph, and not Brent Barr, the duly elected candidate by the local Guelph CPC riding members. You might remember he got unceremoniously removed without any particular reason given by the national Conservative Party.The only “reason” I seem to recall given by the national CPC was that he wasn’t working hard enough to win the riding, which is a pretty lame excuse, in my view. I think they owe the local Guelph CPC riding members a better explanation then that for removing the candidate they felt would best represent them in the riding; it seems to me to be more Conservative control freak tactics, which has been typical of Harper and the national CPC since they came to power.

Needless to say, Gloria wasn’t very comfortable answering that, and I don’t blame her, as she was the direct beneficiary of the move, when she had already lost the nomination to Barr in a fair and square fight. Whether she knew of this manoeuvrer or not, it’s clear she was the favourite of the national CPC and of Harper, and they were making sure she was the candidate for Guelph, the local CPC riding members wishes be darned. Anyhow, I believe “the phantom inthe room” (as the Guelph Mercury blog put it) will continue to haunt Gloria in this campaign, as every other candidate grilled her over this as well as the national CPC for failing to provide a reasonable explanation for Barr’s removal.

From eyewitness reports, Gloria also took her lumps from Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote for being the only councillor to vote against a motion to have Guelph endorse a national campaign asking the federal government for more infrastructure help and to meet their commitments to cities. Perhaps some who were at the debate might leave additional comments on that and other goings on from last night, but it sounds like the crowd really reacted to that revelation.

In other news, it seems that Jeff Davidson over at his blog has discovered the Guelph riding president of the CPC has been writing his political opinions on a blog under a pseudonym, and has been asking Gloria in a couple of open letters if she supports his rather right-wing views on certain issues. To find out more, check out some of those links to his site.


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