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Initial thoughts on the Dion/Turner town hall meeting.

If I look at the various liveblogging that was done during the evening, it appears to have gone very well, with a crowd estimated between 1000 and perhaps 1200 at the event, and the bloggers were right there covering the event and giving good accounts of the goings-on. No apparent protests either, from the sounds of it, which some of the local Conservative rabble were threatening to do.

However, I would like to pass on a minor quibble to the Wingnuterer, which I already did at his one blogpost (or rather, at the blogpost that Impolitical did a guest blogging of) over his otherwise funny, amusing, informative blogposts:

Please, please, PLEASE learn to liveblog into as few blogposts as possible! 😉

Learn the technique from Kady O’Malley if you must, but that way Progressive Bloggers (and Liblogs for that matter, which Wingnuterer is also on) doesn’t then turn into an exclusive Wingnuterer blogsite.

Otherwise, great job 🙂 I look forward to reading some more blogging accounts later today from these and other bloggers who covered the event.


5 comments to Initial thoughts on the Dion/Turner town hall meeting.

  • I was there last night, however since my site is very niche slash political slash a whole lot of other things that are not of the typical world of liberal politics, I tend to not do this living blogging stuff.

    It seems like a gimmick to me, with potential to be amusing at times. But isn’t this just another form of taking notes while at an event and posting them later, which could be achieved with a pen and paper.

    However, I do find it amusing when there are really silly things going on such as the ethics committee etc.

  • @James Curran – I’d go over to his blog and ask him yourself in his comments section thread, James.

  • I’m curious as to Cam’s questions that weren’t answered. What exactly were his pressing questions on the Green Shift? I thought the facts and figures were quite clear.

  • lay off the wingnuterer, there tribe…he rocked the PB site last night…:)

  • I just whor’in for traffic. Sorry Scott, I was just excited. You should see the pictures I got. I’m upping my estimate on the crowd to 1300 to 1450. I will examine the pictures tomorrow and get and relable count.

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