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Bridge watching

So if you’ve been reading around the news and the blogs, you know that the Conservative government and Lawrence Cannon conveniently announced that they’d be soon building a new bridge in the St Lambert riding, which by the way has a byelection in a couple of weeks.

St. Lambert is a BQ held riding from 2004, but was held by the Liberals for seven years prior. Perhaps they’re hoping that this will somehow allow them to peel votes off of both potential Liberal and BQ voters. There is of course also the danger that they’ll be seen as naked opportunists in promising this for political gain.

It would also be seen as too opportunistic and pandering to be announcing funding projects for the other 2 byelections at the same time, but I’m curious if the reason the Conservatives picked this riding to make this announcement means they’re more or less throwing in the towel on Westmount (which I think was a given anyhow) and more importantly, Guelph.


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  • jaybird

    Scott: ok you are absolutely right, touring around right before an election handing out goodies is unseemly and definitely old-school politics. It is what governments do. What they have always done and will continue to do. I had a relative that was a Liberal MP for some twenty years and was re-elected by making sure there was fed money for highways in his riding in the maritimes.

    The Chretien and Martin governments did the same thing. They went around the country right before every election and promised funding for everything under the sun. But like calgarygrit pointed out today, they promised considerably more than they delivered for the entire 13 years of their super majority governments.

    Although I am in no way a supporter of the Cons it does strike me that your post is of the ‘pot meet kettle’ variety.

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