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B-Team redux

If these allegations from yesterday about the Conservatives telling potential witnesses to stay away from coming to the Ethics Committee to testify about the “In and out” electoral financing scandal are true (which left the Conservative B-Team on the committee basically accusing the clerk of the Ethics Committee of lying), someone is a) stupid, and b) in deep trouble:

You know, it’s worth pausing for a moment here to really appreciate the magnitude of what’s being alleged here. If these mystery witnesses – and the clerk – are telling the truth, then *someone*, at least, did something very, very, very wrong – and if it was the Conservative Party, or someone acting on its behalf, the political consequences could be immense. Fiddling with expenses is one thing; witness intimidation is quite another.

I don’t know if this fits the phrase “it’s not the crime, it’s the coverup”, but it’s pretty similar:

There’s also the small matter of that letter from the clerk – you know, the one in which he said that one person on the witness list told his staff that the Conservative Party had instructed them not to show up, which the Tories have categorically denied. Given the incendiary nature of that particular allegation – and the possibility that other witnesses might have received similar warnings – they may end up making more news by their absence than they would if they just showed up. Which is sort of symbolic of this whole scandal, really.

Not quite Watergate Nixonian stuff, but if this keeps up, we’re getting there.

UPDATE: Steve is right. If you have nothing to hide as you proclaim, Conservative Party, then why are you hiding?


3 comments to B-Team redux

  • kwittet

    I think Scott that if you want to label a scandal the Watergate of Canada maybe the ADSCAM should come first. I see you never mention in here that to this day Liberals and there associates are still being convicted and heading off on prison terms. And what about Robert Thibault? See..i can and have admitted on many occasions that if Harper and his people have done somnething wrong then they should be held accountable..but you NEVER do the same. All you do is continue to drag up all this old old news and continue to sling mud. You make accusations without any proof. You speak like you have some inside track in all of this. Please dont refer to Kady because she is just a liberal lapdog who has nothing better to do that report news in a sensational tabloid forum and get well paid for it. And all you lefty just lap it all up like starving puppies because there is nothing solid for any of you to get your teeth into.

  • Throbbin

    One has to wonder what these guys think of themselves when they look in the mirror. If I couldn’t bring myself to respond to a subpoena, I would probably have some doubts about my own character and integrity.

  • I wonder whether Fred Fielding (White House counsel) is taking his holidays in Ottawa …

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