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The B-Team

I’ve been kind of incognito today (yesterday) so I didn’t get a chance to immediately pen my thoughts on the day’s events, but all I can say is this  to the Conservatives:

Please, PLEASE keep having Gary Goodyear, Dean Del Maestro, Mike Wallace and all the rest of that B-Team bunch spout off at the Ethics Committee at witnesses from your own party, and in general.

The reasons?

– You’re giving us bloggers over here on the Progressive and Liberal blogosphere lots of great entertainment at reading Kady O’Malley’s liveblogging of the event

– You’re giving us lots of great blogging material when its usually pretty quiet in the summer.

– Most importantly, you’re giving Canadians a chance to see how you knowingly bent the election financing rules and cheated, and that your former candidates who are here at the Committee testifying are far more competent and  honest then your Conservative guys are. (And the Doug Finley attempt at intimidation or trying to distract from the testimony or whatever the PMO master strategists were trying to gain from him being there  with his little stunt today was an added bonus of bone-headedness.)

Please, as someone who wants the nation to see you for what you really are, carry on as you were.


2 comments to The B-Team

  • penlan

    Scott…It would be great if they have the same team of Cons there again today BUT after yesterday’s debacle it wouldn’t surprise me if they had different ones today. Including, possibly, Poilievre. Which would be good because he is such a little toad & will just make things look even worse for our fabulous (non)-governing party.

    What a debacle yesterday & such arrogant buffoonery from Finley.

  • Entertaining it was! It’s clear that the Conservatives are very nervous about this, but the stall tactics are backfiring on them. Let’s hope the committee can get some work done despite the interruptions.

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