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The Conservatives don’t know how to DO positive.

In brief, I saw this very good analysis by Steve on the diminishing returns this “go negative all the time” strategy the Conservatives are employing that even has some of their Blogging Tory faithful questioning its effectiveness, and I’ll just add this: I think in some of these “10 percenter” ads the Cons have been employing, they ARE trying to list accomplishments of the positive variety that this government has done since in power, but the problem is that they’re not even able to do THAT without throwing negativity into the mix. Read the Collingwood paper in Helena Guergis’s riding (as pointed out by Impolitical) being critical of its tone:

Much of the language used is emotionally-and politically-charged, highlighting Conservative ‘achievements’ while targetting Liberal ‘failures’ during that party’s 13 years at the helm. The mailings also include a ‘survey’, asking of the four relevant party leaders, who is on “the right track” with whatever issue that particular 10 percenter is tackling. The survey has a return address–not to Guergis’ office, but to the Conservative Research Group, essentially the Conservative Party’s propaganda arm…Not only should the frequency be geared down — especially, it appears, in Simcoe-Grey — but the language that goes into the content of these mailings need to be toned down…we want clear information, not political rhetoric.

In otherwards, they’re TRYING to be positive, but they just don’ know how. They essentially still have the mindset of an opposition party even as they’re the government.


4 comments to The Conservatives don’t know how to DO positive.

  • It makes sense. They’re still in election mode, having not won their majority, and attack-attack-attack is the only form of electioneering they’ve ever known.

    Plus, negativity is how conservatives scare people into direct donations. They’re quite used to that. They’re quite good at that. It’s become instinct, and it’s pretty hard to buck instinct.

  • Dman

    This is indeed unfortunate that the con artists are unable to present thoughts & ideas in a POSITIVE manner. This is something most Canadians are called upon to do every day, whether we feel like it or not … it’s called getting along with those around you and we do it in the collective best interests of others & ourselves.

    This shortcoming is no doubt due to the con’s as a group possessing very low or no empathy, poor people skills and a general lack of talent.

    No surprise here …. ???

  • Scott,

    Glad to know that I can still make a contribution to the blogosphere, even if it is in old-school media… 😉

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