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Semi-open thread: Do you care about the Olympics?

While watching all this rain and thunder and lightning occur (as Matthew over at Pample the Moose observed, I didn’t know Ontario had a monsoon season), I thought I’d ask if anyone’s interested or excited in watching the Olympics.

For myself personally, I don’t know if it’s the time zone difference, or the bad publicity surrounding the games (ie. Tibet, ridiculous air pollution, or China going back on its promises and stifling freedom to access sites they may not necessarily like politically), or getting depressed reading some Canadian sports journalists saying there should be low expectations for the Canadian team and its medal haul, but I’m really not into watching the Olympics. I wonder what others feel about that.


15 comments to Semi-open thread: Do you care about the Olympics?

  • Arthur Frampton

    I don’t care one bit about sports in general, and the Olympics in particular. Who gives a crap who can run, swim, jump better than anyone else? What does it matter? It doesn’t. I just don’t care.

  • Alison

    I have never been interested in the Olympics. I particularly dislike the shmaltzy opening and closing ceremonies. I certainly approve of athletes competing and getting some government and corporate help. But all this nonsense of the number of medals each country gets is just ridiculous. What difference does that make to anyone’s life? Bah, Humbug!

  • I find that I care less and less about the Olympics every year. This one, in particular, has been sullied for me by all the politicking and calls to boycott the games. I mean, if we are going to boycott something, why not boycott trade in goods manufactured by children? I dunno, for me the next two weeks are all about getting ready for a new school year.

  • The Olympics have always been a good way to immerse oneself in the geography of another area of the world, but the commercials are already starting to bug me after only a couple days of watching about 3 hours.

  • Not one tiny itsty-bitsy bit interested. I think we’re inundated with all sports all the time and frankly, the only thing I would be interested in would be who gets got for doping.

  • marta

    No . i am Not Following the actual Competitions it is so in the extreme it seems to be almost inhuman not to mention the ocasional drug involvement…what spoils the real achivement..
    However I am absolute fun of the opening and closing ceremonies and the show what is monumental and ih the High Art shows so Much about the Culture what is a given country can showcase.. it is always a big joy for me.

    This beating on the human rights issues a mistake /an abuse / it works against against the spirit for peace and Goodwill what makes us coming tugether IN SPITE OF OUR DIFFERENCES>..

  • tdwebste

    National chest thumping which the Olympics as become puts me off.

    And know what china is like, because I have lived there for 4yrs. So that part kind of puts me off too.

    The interesting things to me. Can China solve Beijing’s smog problem so quickly? How much Beijing is changed by the reduced car traffic?

  • The opening ceremony was pretty spectacular.

    As for the events, I haven’t been watching much of it. I’ve been following the South Ossetia War instead.

  • I enjoy watching competition among finely tuned and trained athletes. It represents something fundamental about our species I think – we get better at what we do when we are pushed to get better.

    As for going back to when it was amateurs – that’s always been a myth. In Coubertin’s day, and well into the 20th century, olympic competitors were all nobility because they had the money to allow them to become prepared. They weren’t “amateurs”, they were dilettantes.

    What returning to “amateurs” would mean today would be either a return to a competition amongst various rich people or the emergence of a games featuring people who could put in some training hours on weekends and holidays but who mostly couldn’t afford to buy competent coaching or time in a proper sized and laned off pool or track or who couldn’t afford team uniforms or travel costs etc etc etc.

    I don’t actually care all that much about who wins and medal counts and all that folderol. I just really enjoy watching fine and beautiful specimens of humanity try to excel in athletic accomplishment.

    And I like the winter games more than the summer.

  • I watch the Olympics as a curiosity. It’s nice to have something interesting to watch at 2 am, while I’m feeding the baby.

    But I’m not passionate about it. Maybe I’ll feel different if we have a chance to get a gold medal in some sport I find interesting. But it would be very passing. I think there’s just too much hype surrounding the Olympics. I wish it would go back to only accepting amateurs.

  • Maybe I’m just bored sitting inside with all this rain and thunder, but I’m in Olympics overload. The sporting events have been good so far and have been easier to watch with low expectations for our Canadian athletes.

    What is most exciting is the unprecedented depth of coverage of China and Chinese society.

  • KNB

    To be honest, I feel for our athletes.

    It’s so political now, no one is paying attention to Canadians who had no choice in where the games are held.

    I don’t understand how China got the games, but our kids deserve our attention and support, imo.

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