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Saturday in-brief

A column in the Toronto Star today charges that Ontario is allowing loggers to log a portion of forest in NW Ontario that is part of the habitat of the threatened woodland caribou and basically looking the other way while this is being done.  If true, Premier McGuinty and cabinet need to put a stop to this.

Also in the Star, David Olive bemoans the fact that the US media seems to be ignoring the real issues and problem facing the US and instead focusing on attack ads and such.  I don’t know where David has been the past few years; it’s been like that in the US media for many years. Talking about “real issues” doesn’t sell newspapers or put up TV ratings.  David never even mentioned the John Edwards adultery admission, which will further drive the media into a tabloid-like frenzy for a while. The only saving grace may be the Olympics are on.


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  • wilson

    Perhaps the rest of the story is similar to O&G drilling in the Western provinces north.
    All operations cease and have to be removed from the areas when the caribou are migrating.
    Drilling licences from the government are time and area sensitive. And reclamation is mandatory.

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