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“The great parliamentarian”

Peter MacKay, current defence minister, paid a visit to Guelph yesterday to help stump for Gloria Kovach. They both did an interview with the Guelph Mercury afterwards, and the part that amused me was in the where Gloria made this statement:

“Peter is a great parliamentarian,” she said. “He’s done a lot for our country and certainly internationally as well.”

A great parliamentarian? Really? Above and beyond the Belinda Stronach breakup that caused him a minor controversy over remarks he may or may not have said about her, we also have the “stick to knitting” comment we do know he made.  He had to issue an apology to Alexa Mcdonough over that stupid remark.

We also have the Afghanistan file where MacKay, representing the Conservative government’s position, was shown to be less then forthcoming to the House and to the Canadian public about when he and the Canadian government knew about the allegations of torture  some Afghanistan prisoners were making against the Afghanistan authorities after being turned over to them from Canadian custody.

There was also MacKay backtracking on statements he made during the time Nova Scotia MP Bill Casey was expelled from the Conservative caucus over his opposition to the Atlantic Accord not being honoured, saying that the Cons would never expel an MP for voting with his conscience, and then claiming after he never really meant what he said.

MacKay is supposedly a great parliamentarian in Kovach’s mind for stuff like this? She would have been more accurate to have said he was a “great partisan”. However, we must remember that a Conservative can’t differentiate between those 2 terms – they’re one and the same in their minds.

[email protected]:00pm: Red Tory gives another more recent example of Peter MacKay’s partisanship.


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