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Interesting blogpost at the Guelph Mercury’s Guelph Votes blogsite today:

Defence Minister Peter MacKay will be going door-to-door with Conservative candidate Gloria Kovach. Mercury staff will also be meeting with Jennifer Wright, “the founder and chief environmental activist of Green Shift.”

Very interesting both of these folks appear in Guelph on the same day. I’d be interested to hear who exactly it was that invited Ms. Wright down today to the Guelph riding; was it the CPC? The NDP? The Guelph Mercury?

I’ll also be very interested to see in her talk to the Mercury how much she injects herself into the political campaign in Guelph. I hope for the sake of fairness that the Mercury (if it is they who invited her down to speak to them) will also invite someone from the Liberal Party and give them the opportunity to present their side of the legal story.

Oh, and I hope Peter actually remembers he’s to be in the Guelph riding today, since he has a hard time remembering what he says in his own press releases.


4 comments to Coincidence?

  • jaybird

    Scott: just to be sure you don’t miss this. Yes J = Jaybird. I commented first on your blog some time ago and just used the initial, didn’t bother to change it but if it’s that important I will make the change for this and future posts.

    re: your comment on KNB’s blog
    Troll to me is someone who posts offensive or off topic posts not someone who might respond to a similar post on different blogs with similar remarks or arguments. But you can certainly call me a troll if you like, it seems ill mannered to me but there you go…

  • KNB

    I should have checked your blog before writing Scott, lol.

    Yes, I’d say j and jaybird are the same person.

  • wilson

    The CPC prefers to meet with the local/regional media, rather than national media, during a byelection. That’s how they handled Vrc Quadra too.
    It’s fair game Scott.

    Agree with j. Legally right or not, the LPC created their own pr nightmare when they bullied a women businesswoman.
    The optics are horrible.

  • j

    Scott: come on – if the LPC and Dion choose a name for their carbon tax plan that has been trademarked neither they nor LPC activists can cry foul that Ms. Wright might ‘inject herself’ into the campaign. Particularly given that she made clear prior to the LPC announcement that she was displeased by the misappropriation of her brand.

    The Obama campaign had planned to call their young evangelical outreach program Joshua ____ (can’t remember the exact name) but when they were told that there was another evangelical group with the same name they delayed the announcement of the program, rebranded and got on with it.

    So don’t blame Wright, the CPC or the NDP. This communications screw up (whether it was a legal screw up is yet to be determined) falls plainly and solely into the lap of Dion and his ‘advisors’ and staff.

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