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About the National Post’s difficulty.

I’m not sure I really want to see the National Post go under, as at the very least, it keeps all the right-wing riff-raff in one place, where they can be kept an eye on. If they go under, I don’t think Sun Media has enough room for them all, and they might end up infecting other media centres with their silly views.

Then again, if Warren were to succeed in his dastardly plan to buy them and cut everyone loose (though I think they’re going to have to up the offer substantially from Warren’s initial bid), that’s also going to happen. You’d get a more moderate, reasonable paper that has columnists who live in the reality-based community (which no one is reading right now – perhaps that would change), but the negative to this is probably seeing some of their former columnists spread their crap to other media outlets. I wonder if that’s a net gain for Canada.

Seriously though, I’m interested to see if the group led by Liberal Senator Jerry Grafstein is successful in its efforts to purchase the NP. The Senator is a Liberal who was a close associate and adviser to Pierre Trudeau. I’d be very amused to see the faces of some of the National Post editors/columnists if they found out that bid was successful, and that a Trudeau Liberal was now their owner. They might voluntarily run away leave instead of waiting to be fired.


3 comments to About the National Post’s difficulty.

  • ted

    The Liberals should try and buy Fox News.
    Then they would have total control over the US media.

    Newsprint media in both US and Canada is 80% leftist liberal.
    I get the Star(know thy enemy), and the Post delivered. My hope is that the NP stay in conservative hands so we will at least get exposed to the printed antidote to the Globe and the Star.

    The hard left have been unable to break into the talk radio segment in the US with the same success as the conservatives. This, along with the Internet, are the only medium’s the liberals do not have control. In the TV medium the liberals have control of CBS,PBS,CNN,ABC,NBC,MSNBC, all except Fox news, that irritates them to no end.

    The danger in all of this is that some in the hard left want to re-introduce the “fairness doctrine” in regarding to radio.

    What this amounts to is liberals imposing their views on the Radio, which they are already free to with programs such as the financially struggling “Air America”

    Remember this, they want everything!
    It is dangerous!

  • I think the Conservative Party of Canada should buy the National Post. They have the money and can continue to use it as a house organ. They can run their anti-Dion ads as the publisher. Kind of like Canwest owners did with their publisher’s columns a few years ago. Newspapers are pretty much unregulated so what is there to stop them?

  • Hmm, Tobacco giant, Phillip Morris, has bought Rothmans Inc. located at 1500 Don Mills Road in Toronto. The National Post is located at 1450 Don Mills Road. I’d like to sweeten the deal and offer two Popeye candy-cigarette sticks. I’m willing to throw in a double secret green shift tax on all tobacco products. We’ll make great neighbours!

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