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Taking cues from the Harper PMO. The Guelph media notice as well.

Much has been made about Gloria’s Kovach’s inability to answer even a simple question such as the Stephen Truscott issue on compensation without referring it to the PMO press office – a sign that she is already taking direction from Harper’s PMO on what answers she should give to the media, which some of us in the progressive and Liberal blogosphere and from some voters of Guelph – judging by their reactions in the Guelph Mercury’s letters to the editor – say raises serious doubts about her ability to fight for Guelph issues in Ottawa under such a control-freak Prime Minister as Harper is.

Well, it isn’t just bloggers and readers of the paper who’ve noticed this. Yesterday, an op-ed in the Guelph Mercury newspaper titled “Phoning a friend not always best” took her task for the exact same reasons. The relevant parts of the op-ed:

How would-be politicians handle unanticipated questions can tell you a lot about how they would perform in the job. Generally they handle themselves well..But sometimes they don’t. Sometimes candidates give answers or explanations while sounding an awful lot like someone with a mouthful of their own foot. That mumbling you heard earlier this week was Conservative candidate and current city councillor Gloria Kovach, offering just such an unsatisfactory answer…

By shrugging the question off to Harperville, Kovach simultaneously showed a lack of knowledge — or, perhaps worse, acknowledgement — that Steven Truscott and what happens to him is very much an issue to those she hopes to represent, and hinted at what kind of independent thinking she would bring to the office on Cork Street… before I cast my ballot Sept. 8, I want to know how some of the people on the slip feel about these issues. And, more importantly, I want to be sure when I ask their position they won’t have to call Ottawa first to find out what it is.

As I have previously said on here, the Conservative Kovach campaign is looking a lot like how Dianne Cunningham tried to run her campaign in London a couple of years ago – or rather, how Harper and the PMO tried to run it – as a stealth campaign. Hopefully, Guelph voters will note the same thing and wonder if this is what she’s going to do over a relatively “slam-dunk” issue, as the op-ed in the Mercury stated the Truscott question was, what about more controversial issues?

At this rate, the media and the voters of Guelph will have to go to Harper and his PMO press office directly to ask what Gloria’s opinion is today on such-and-such an issue. Guelph voters need to question if that’s the type of MP Guelph voters want representing them in Ottawa – on top of whether they really approve of Harper’s style of governing and neo-conservative policies that he has done while in power.


2 comments to Taking cues from the Harper PMO. The Guelph media notice as well.

  • KNB

    I saw that too Scott and found it interesting that it was getting so much play.

    Any idea as to when debates are? Her answers will be telling.

    Also, I wish I could find more coverage for the other 2 by elections to see if the Con candidates are following suit there.

  • Gotta love the Conservative sock puppets.

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