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STAND Canada – action wanted on Darfur – a preview.

If you’re not aware of STAND Canada, they are an organization in Canada that is committed to mobilizing “a critical mass of Canadian students, citizens, and decision makers to end the crisis in Darfur, and respond to future threats of genocide.

They give a bit of background on how their organization formed here, what the situation is currently in Darfur here, where it also details what steps they feel the Canadian government could be taking to help contribute to ending the violence and bringing peace to Darfur.

Next week, I’ll probably be talking a bit more about Stand Canada after I get some more details from them on their efforts, but it sounds like with an election coming at possibly any time, they would like to raise awareness of the Darfur issue amongst the public, and would also like to raise awareness of the issue amongst the Canadian political parties. Blogs is one way that can be used to spread that message, and from a brief chat I’ve had with one of their folks, they certainly would love more bloggers to help talk about this issue.

More next week.


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