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I disagree with Red Tory and Steve!

It seems our blogging comrade, Christian Conservative, a Blogging Tory member in Guelph, didn’t like Steve calling Gloria Kovach (and by extension, the rest of the Conservative caucus) trained seals over her lack of independent thought on an issue without first getting guidance from the PMO.

Red Tory responded he preferred the description of “Sock Puppet” (and I certainly agree with his analysis over there that Blogging Tories and Conservatives like to mudsling at others, but when they get return fire, they get all whiny about it. Can dish it out.. but can’t take it apparently).

Personally, I disagree with both of these folks descriptions of the Conservative caucus, and by extension their candidates. I think they’re rather like this:

There’s nothing cuter then a bunch of trained talking parrots, don’t you think? Harper and his PMO have a caucus full of them. As I said earlier, seeing how Gloria is already hedging on taking a stand on anything remotely controversial without getting her talking points from the PMO, she’d fit right into the Conservatives caucus, if she were to be elected as the next Guelph MP. It reminds me a lot of the Dianne Haskett campaign in London, where she was trying to play hide and go seek with her constituents and the media on what her stand was on certain issues, and used PMO talking points – and ended up in third place for her trouble (and then ran back to Washington DC).

As cdlu has said today, and as I have shown and said a couple of days ago, if Ms. Kovach isn’t willing to stand up for Guelph’s interests while on Guelph City Council, how can we expect her to in Ottawa? The media and her constituents might as well be asking Steven Harper and the PMO what Gloria Kovach’s opinion on certain issues are.

Let’s get a person like Liberal Frank Valeriote elected, who will speak up for Guelph issues both as an opposition and a government MP, and who has a leader like Stephane Dion who won’t muzzle him on those issues.

[email protected]:18 am: Lest we Liberal bloggers be accused of being meanies and picking on poor Mrs. Kovach, we’re not the only ones who’ve picked up this parroting activity. Our NDP friend Cam over at his blog also thinks Ms. Kovach is a quick learner on how to act as a Conservative candidate.


11 comments to I disagree with Red Tory and Steve!

  • kwittet

    what does all this squabbling accomplish…it is the way it is..and to be honest what party wouldnt make sure they run a candidate in a bye-election that they think has a best chance of winning…and yes harper is in control..but no more than the nazi chretien was when he was in micro manager and control freak that man was…

  • Yeah, ask the residents of Haldimand-Norfolk how Diane Finley “stands up” for them! *snort*

  • The comical part is that the “Bloggin’ Tories”, like all conservatives, have this weird sense of entitlement about anger. They seem to think that somehow all liberals need to be milquetoast, and if liberals start getting mad or mean or whatnot, they obviously aren’t liberals but those terrifying “militant leftists”.

    It’s cute, but it doesn’t deserve to be indulged. By all means, stay mean.

  • Has anyone seen the Tory cabinet? Saying someone is cabinet material with this mediocre group is like saying a C student could be a rhode scholar.

  • Ottlib

    You see, this is one of the problems with the Liberals. They are always so disagreeable with one another.

  • I’m offended. Conservatives are nowhere near as cute as parrots!

  • The realitty(sic) is Gloria will more than likely be a cabinet minister if elected…

    Whooee! I’m laffin’ out loud. The talent pool on the CPC side of the aisle is so shallow that a Oil Splotch could be a cabinet minister. Gloria can join the glorious ranks of talented ministers like Bernier, Ambrose, O’Connor, Baird, Guergis and Finley.

    BTW, having an MP in cabinet is not necessarily a plus for the local riding. Here in Haldimand-Norfolk, we had a good MP in Bob Speller. He served 16 years. When he became Ag Minister, he was too busy meeting GWB on mad cow issues and dealing with other federal and international concerns to spend enough time in the riding. Finley swooped in with a promise (now broken) to bail out our struggling tobacco farmers. Minister Speller was dumped because as a minister, he could not adequately advocate for local concerns.


  • slg

    Huh? What in hell does cabinet material have to do with it? MP first to represent his/her constituents…cabinet maybe, when experienced enough.


    Besides, how can anyone, but a PM, decide who is cabinet material.

    Childish? It’s summer and Liberals have been attacked so much, why not have a little laugh.

    I think Anon is childish with the over-reaction.

  • anonymous

    This is just childish.

    The realitty is Gloria will more than likely be a cabinet minister if elected, Frank is not cabinet material, even if the Liberals were in power, which they aren’t.

    Objectively, a cabinet minister is much more able to represent Guelph’s interests than a back bencher on the opposition side. Guelph knows this.

    You can say you want Frank to win because you are Liberal, but to say that he could represent Guelph’s interests better in Ottawa is just objectively not true, and childish name calling doesn’t make it true.

  • In fairness, there’s far too much of this pusillanimous behaviour by backbenchers in all parties, but Harper has taken it to an extreme level of control over what his minions can, and more importantly, cannot say.

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