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What do young Liberals in Guelph do on a Saturday afternoon?

Why, they go out and help campaign and door-knock to help Frank Valeriote – Guelph Liberal candidate – get elected:

Photo courtesy of Kyle Mitchell

Pretty nice turnout, it appears.  Ground game is going to be essential in this byelection, because despite the Conservatives trying to downplay they have a shot at winning this riding, they are making an all-out attempt to win this riding.  A lot of prominent national Cons. have dropped by in Guelph the past couple of months, so efforts like this help the Liberals counter that.  More efforts like this will be needed leading up to the Sept 8th voting day.


11 comments to What do young Liberals in Guelph do on a Saturday afternoon?

  • Lycan Stark

    Sure, Canadians want a plan. Too bad Dion’s targtless tax grab of a Green Shaft isn’t it.

  • Lycan Stark

    You seem so sure of that. Too bad after abstention after flight, the sitting party you support has so aptly demonstrated that they don’t believe that.

  • @Lycan Stark – There won’t be any pretending necessary. Between having no environmental plan – which Canadians want – and driving the country into deficit… the Cons are on their way out.

  • Lycan Stark

    “What do young Liberals in Guelph do on a Saturday afternoon?”

    Pretend that their party is going to win the next election.

  • I stand corrected. I saw some familiar faces, but it looks like others were there as well, so it’s a mixture. My apologies.

  • KM


    Just to clear up any misconceptions of the event-many of the people in the photo are indeed Ontario Young Liberals that came out to Guelph show their support for Frank Valeriote in the byelection campaign. The event itself was organized by the University of Guelph Young Liberals, in coordination with the FV campaign and the OYL. There were at least 10 UoG Young Liberals at the campaign office for the event. Gia Samaniego, UoG Young Liberals president, is standing to Frank’s left in the photo.

  • royal city

    Um mistaken. LMAO

  • slbk

    Actually those young Liberals were bussed in from Toronto if I’m not mistaken. lmao They sure aren’t from Guelph.

  • slg

    It reminds me of the London by-election – big Conservative heavy hitters, etc. – but, Glen Pearson won.

    So, you just never know do ya.

  • And the difference, unlike the Cons, those young Liberals weren’t bused in from around the province to make up for a lack of grassroot enthusiasm.

  • We did more lit dropping then door knocking, but yeah, a very solid turnout by the OYL.

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