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Wanting human rights respected isn’t being “emotional”

I’m not going to get into a detailed synopsis of Stephen’s blogpiece like Red Tory did – more like a rant – but I’ll say more or less the same thing that RT did:

There’s nothing “emotional” amongst the “left-wing” about calling for due process to be followed and insisting that rules of evidence and constitutional rights to be respected. I didn’t realize those concepts are alien and foreign to Conservatives, but apparently, thats the case. Quite frankly, it shouldn’t have anything to do with “left vs right”. If Conservatives claim they are for the rule of law, then they too should be calling for Khadr’s return to Canada, as Jonathan Kay just did in the National Post recently. Stephen claims to be a libertarian Conservative; I see no evidence of libertarianism in anything he’s written on the Khadr topic so far.

On a side-note, I also get a chuckle out of his article where he claims that conservatives act on what they know to be true. Right – their inactivity on global warming in the face of all scientific consensus – even to outright denunciation of those scientific facts – plus claiming that statistics showing crime going down isn’t right because they “feel” its a problem, shows real-time evidence on that, eh Stephen? Those are 2 examples I can use – among several others. That claim is laughable; I can only presume he put that line in there in order to make his Blogging Tory readership feel good about themselves.

The bottom line is this: we in Canada are the only Western country left in the world that refuses to repatriate its citizens from Guantanamo and still laughably claim that Khadr is being treated well and that the legal process down there is fair – this is still being claimed by the Conservative government and its supporters even after the US Supreme Court recently ruled otherwise. Harper and his bunch are being shown for what they are – Bush clones for their attempting to ignore constitutional rights and human rights. I’ve no doubt if he thought he could get away with it, that Harper would be trying to set up military tribunals up here and remove Canadian constitutional protection from people accused of these offences – all in the name of national security. Their attitude with Guantanamo and more or less claiming they believe the tribunals down there could handle things better then the Canadian court system up here (in essence, being afraid Khadr would be found innocent) is direct evidence of that.

The only thing I can say for Stephen’s piece is he’s writing it mainly for his Conservative Kool-Aid crowd’s benefit. It befits a blog article on the Blogging Tory site – it would be insulting the intelligence of Canadians if it were appearing in a mainstream media newspaper article.

[email protected]:10 pm: Red Tory in a new blogpost goes after the specific arguments of Taylor against repatriating Omar Khadr.


7 comments to Wanting human rights respected isn’t being “emotional”

  • Ted

    To think what would have happened if Chretien had more common sense and left Omar’s terrorist father in the Pakistani jail. Going to bat for people who hate your own country’s values, sometimes comes back to bite you.

  • Taylor, none of what you’ve written here excuses you from the meaningless dribble of right-wing talking points that RT quoted on his blog.

    “As a conservative, I have for the most part found intellectual solace in logic on issue tracks where my bleeding-heart friends usually hug the emotional left rail”?

    Yeah, that sort of nonsense deserves exactly as much condemnation and scorn as RT and Scott are willing to give.

  • Scott Thanks for the links.

    Stephen is half-right in basically saying that Harper is wrong, however, suggesting that the case be moved to a civilian court flies in the face of reality and I would argue that the reasons for not backing calls for Khadr’s repatriation are, ironically considering the prattle in his post, emotional ones. Specifically, feeling that to do so would be capitulation to the opposition and a loss of face. If, as Taylor says, that due process and rule of law are fundamental then, given the circumstances, the PM has no choice but to call for repatriation. Anything less is just meaningless posturing.

  • slg

    I find his statement about the right acting on what they know is true and the left on emotion.

    Rather stupid isn’t it? Is he saying that no matter what the right is always right – is he saying the left have no logic?

    You can be right on an issue and emotionally passionate about it.

    Badly written, for sure. He’s gotten lost in his thoughts some how and it comes off as rambling.

    The world is not that black and white and that’s where the right is wrong.

  • From my article.

    “Omar Khadr doesnt himself deserve to released from jihadi limbo at Gitmo and tried before an American court. However, as individuals who are defending a society based upon key values such a due process, presumption of innocence, and the rule of law, we deserve it. Khadrs present threat does not manifest itself in his illiberal hatred of our culture, it rests instead in the extent to which we are to make our own values malleable in order rationalize our understandable but illogical emotion.”

  • You know Scott, I can’t be held responsible for your poor reading comprehension.

    In my post I *call* for due process and admit that this seems to be a departure on this by many right-wingers who would rather let Khadr rot at Gitmo.

    I say that many right-wingers have departed from their usual logic track on the topic and have embraced emotion instead.

    Repatriation of Khadr does not make sense because his accusers are American. He should be tried before American courts. He should be afforded due process.

    As for repatriation and “rule of law” as you state we should really be concerned about since to you they are inseparable as concepts, can you cite anything from statute which argues for his repatriation?

    As for a Kool-Aid piece, my piece was an argument against the knee-jerking uncharacteristic emotional reaction on the right concerning Khadr.

    Give it another read Scott.

  • Ah, but the BTs won’t “feel” good about themselves, they’ll just “know” they are the best.

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