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More examples of fearmongering from the conservatives..

…but this time from the US, from the Conservative Party’s American Idols, the Republican Party, who did very well with fearmongering as an election tool from 2002-2005.  It appears some in the McCain team are trying once again to get Americans scared. First, they’re trying to get them scared of Obama. John McCain said in an interview a couple of days ago that he considered Obama’s voting record to show he was an extremist and maybe even a socialist (GASP!). Today, some in the McCain camp are  trying to paint an entire religious group as who Americans should be afraid of as well:

McCain POW bud: Muslims ‘going to kill us’

One of John McCain’s fellow POW’s in Vietnam defended the war in Iraq, saying, “The Muslims have said either we kneel or they’re going to kill us.” In a phone call with reporters arranged by the McCain campaign, Colonel Bud Day added: “I don’t intend to kneel and I don’t advocate to anybody that we kneel, and John doesn’t advocate to anybody that we kneel.”

Actually, this is both a vivid example of fear-mongering and group-baiting as you’ll find.

Meanwhile, in the electoral college, you can see why McCain is resorting to these tactics, and it will only get worse from him and his campaign the longer you see all those Blue states staying that way or expanding, particularly in traditional Republican “red states”, and as they get more desperate to turn the Democratic tide.


3 comments to More examples of fearmongering from the conservatives..

  • Ted

    Obama reminds me of Peter Sellers in the movie “Being there”. He is whatever you want him to be.
    He says he was a uniter in the Senate, but voted far left. He never reached and worked with the other side, unlike McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Feingold, McCain-Lieberman etc. Obama was always afraid to vote indepently from the hard left.
    He opposed the “surge” because he said it would fail. McCain was one of the few Republicans who had the GUTS to tell Bush to ADD troops and surge when things were falling apart. Now sectarian violence is way down (thank-you McCain)

    Last week Obama erased all the anti-surge fasehood off his web site….smart move before the Iraq visit.

    Barbara Striesand is voting for Obama because he will fix the schools. I thought Bill had already done that?

  • It’s no wonder these types of arguments are seldom made to anyone but the choir. The disconnect between the values of the ruling party and those of Joe and Jane Q. Public is quite shocking. The fewer people realize that, the better chance of a re-election. I just wish more voters paid attention on those rare cases when the choir’s voices carried further than the choir-master would like. Then a few more people might pay attention and realize how much continues to be at stake with each day this party remains in power.

  • FYI, Day was also one of the Swifties that torpedoed Kerry.

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