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Spending the evening with Bob Rae and Martha Dennis.

I had an interesting Wednesday evening in Woodstock. Bob Rae was in town spending some of the day with Oxford Liberal candidate Martha Dennis.  They were involved with a round-table in the afternoon with some of Oxford County’s town mayors,  and other community and social leaders. They then moved to a gathering at a local Liberal’s home for a little get-together/fund-raising event for Martha. There were about 40-50 people in attendance for this, and there were people  there from Woodstock, Tillsonburg and some points in between.

Here’s some photographic evidence that I was at the event, and the proof that Bob Rae is much more photogenic then I am. Also, a photo of Bob and Martha addressing the gathering.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a blackberry or a laptop, so I wasn’t able to live-blog the remarks made to the crowd, but I liked what Bob had to say to the gathering, particularly the part where he said he will be pressing for an election as soon as possible when the House resumes sitting was very nice for an election hawk like myself to hear.

He also mentioned that it was very important in Conservative-held ridings that we mount serious challenges to the incumbent to try and wrest the seat away from them; that is what he feels the Liberals focus should be in Ontario.  Oxford County is a traditional Conservative riding, and won’t be easy to wrest away, but I liked that part of his speech last night,  which was the Liberals shouldn’t be conceding these traditional Conservative seats.  This is similar to Democratic chairperson Howard Dean’s “50 state strategy” in the US, which is they run hard in every state at the presidential and congressional level and don’t concede any state or race to the other side. I am all for that strategy here.

As Bob said last night, he holds no personal animosity towards our current Conservative MP, Dave Mackenzie, but we need to get him out of here.

More pictures from the event can and will be seen at the Martha Dennis for Oxford Facebook group.


2 comments to Spending the evening with Bob Rae and Martha Dennis.

  • Nice to see some heavy-hitters making it out to your neck of the woods Scott.

  • Whooee! So, was there any green shift discussion? I haven’t heard much from Rae wrt the green shift.

    As you know, I’m right next door to Oxford. Woodstock’s prospering with the Toyota plant but small auto-related industries are doing poorly in places like Tillsonburg.

    Any talk of green-collar job creation in the manufacturing sector? I reckon those car seat factories could switch over to windmills or small-scale hydro generator production. They’ll need some help doing so, though. Sorta like the $40 billion taxpayers have pumped into Alberta’s tar sands over the past 30 years.

    Oxford’s got a few tobacco farmers and a former tobacco industry. Any buyout chatter? The buyout issue is one of Diane Finley’s biggest obstacles to re-election here in H-N. Your boy Hoskins has been capitalizing nicely on it.


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