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Conservatives proposed copyright law making news even in rural newspapers

I noticed this article over at the Law is Cool blog today about how the Conservatives proposed new copyright law, known as Bill C-61, is rallying Canadians in unprecedented numbers (now over 87 000 members at the Fair Copyright For Canada Facebook group) to oppose this legislation.

I believe this is reinforced by the fact that the local paper around here, The Tillsonburg News, ran a front-page story today talking about the proposed legislation and informing the area about a public meeting that would be held to tallk about it:

..this week, thanks to Tillsonburg’s Linux Users Group (tillug), anyone interested can learn more about this important issue. Sam Trosow, an associate professor at London’s University of Western Ontario, is a recognized expert in intellectual property rights and has co-authored a citizen’s guide to Canadian copyright law. He will be in Tillsonburg on Wednesday, July 16th at the invitation of the tillug to discuss what the legislation proposed in Bill C-61 means to Canadian users and producers of copyrighted material.

I have said before that Bill C-61 and the proposals the Conservatives have put in this bill to update the copyright legislation could be the sleeper issue in the upcoming federal election. The opposition to this bill continues to grow, and when it’s provoking concern in smaller communities like Tillsonburg and warranting frontpage coverage and details about public meetings on this issue, it has the potential to blow up in the Conservatives face.  And it should – as this legislation is not the kind of reforms we need for copyright law.


1 comment to Conservatives proposed copyright law making news even in rural newspapers

  • We HAVE a copyright law right now… We tax blank media, so the recording industry/movie industry gets a direct share – even if the media ISN’T used to copy their “intellectual property”.

    The Conservative law is just a measure that they took, in conjunction with their big media owning friends, so the public pays more. This issue was a done deal under the Liberals. The Conservatives have re-opened it – at the publics’ peril.

    Sad. Really sad.

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