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On name changes.

I was just reading NBC Dipper’s piece here on one of their candidates proposing a name change for the NDP and dropping the “New” from their name and leaving it as “Democratic Party of Canada”.

Personally, I always preferred the name if it was ever to be changed to Social Democratic Party, which is an accurate reflection I think of the NDP’s social democratic roots.


3 comments to On name changes.

  • I absolutely agree with you here, Scott. The name “Democratic Party” is fairly vacuous in a democratic country (aside from the notion of substantive democracy), and only makes us sound more like the centre-right American party. “Social Democratic Party” would be a better fit, although it is unlikely to happen in our party because some will argue that it should be “democratic socialist” instead and we’d just get bogged down in a semantic debate and never resolve anything. And… exhale.

  • slg

    Perhaps the use of Democratic Party is a “strategy” to confuse so that people think they’re like the Dems in the US – which they are not.

  • As I said over there:

    Why not call it the ‘Labour Party’, which imo would be a far more accurate description and is about as all-encompassing as you can get — nearly everyone works. It’s also a name that has more worldwide success than the ‘Democratic’ party, the name of which makes me think of the countries that call themselves ‘Democratic’ when they really mean ‘Communist’, such as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (the full name of North Korea).

    ‘New Democratic Party’ is an even more obsolete name than ‘Canada’s New Government’.

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