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Lots going on that I missed.

Who says nothing happens on a Sunday?

– Zytaruk’s audio tape on Harper over Cadman gets more publicity, with another audio expert seeming to contradict the Cons 2 paid experts that doctoring as conclusive (he says it isn’t).

– Even the right-wing press out in Calgary are calling for Omar Khadr to be repatriated.

– We find out that it seems it’s the Cons. who are spending all the money on the East in an effort to win seats and votes, with hardly any money going to the West (do you see that, John Murney, and Grumpy Voter? I expect blogposts full of outrage from you comparable to the stuff I see from both of you regarding the supposed evil money-stealing Green Shift, when we have actual documentation of the Cons. doing the EXACT thing you decry right now).

So, LOTS went on today. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I was away to Turkey Point enjoying some boating with my parents and my aunt and uncle and speanding some quality time at their cottage.. so I missed all that til tonight.

Oh.. and as I said in my last post’s update… posting seems to have worked fine with just the anti-spam plugin turned on.. so I’ve turned on the cache plugin, and will continue to turn on new plugins each post until I get complaints from someone saying they get an error posting a comment, and I can try to isolate what plugin is conflicting with the anti-spam one. So again, if you try posting a comment and get an error of some sort or a rejection from wp-spam free (even if cookie and javascript are on or get turned on) email me and let me know.


7 comments to Lots going on that I missed.

  • “Like I said Scott, you have a lot to learn about Western Canadian politics…do stay tuned!”

    I love how John puts all of western Canada into this singular monolith, which actually shows HE has no understanding of HIS own region. Too funny. Anyways, carry on with the hysteria John!!

  • ..although, I do have to say as a footnote to that, Grumpy, that I found your closing line about me rather unnecessary.

  • Yea, John, I’ve learned that some of you out there are rather big hypocrites, though Grumpy I have to give credit to.

  • Scott, the Conservatives already know they are going to win every seat in Alberta, Saskatchewan, the interior of B.C. and rural Manitoba, so there is no need for them to throw money around in the West.
    Besides, you don’t win votes in the West by bribing the voters…you create a business climate where government gets out of the way so entrepreneurs can flourish. That’s it.
    Like I said Scott, you have a lot to learn about Western Canadian politics…do stay tuned!

  • ..except they aren’t really Cons – the 2 I singled out. Otherwise, your statement is probably true.

  • Somehow I sincerely doubt we’ll see Cons slamming Cons Scott.

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