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Dion gets good reception in Guelph; local bloggers there to report on it.

I thought I’d point out this article by David Graham who resides in Guelph and is also the Liblogs blogging aggregate coder. He was on hand in person to watch Stephane Dion’s appearance in Guelph yesterday, where he drew a very nice crowd and from what David says, a pretty good response. That would seem to be backed up by Steve V who also witnessed the event and came away suitably impressed by what he called “Dion’s authenticity”.

You might also note in David’s blog article the rather dismissive tone the local newspaper, the Guelph Mercury, did on Dion’s event, and which continues at their local blog, which is here. Steve over at his blog also felt the Mercury reporter there was a bit hostile at Dion, which is why Steve made the amusing remark that she seemed to have read the National Post’s drivel and then re-asked the question to Dion.

Regardless, some good blog reporting of the event by 2 bloggers who were there. (I should also note that Joseph Angolano, my sometimes guest blogger at this site, was also there and came away suitably impressed by Dion’s performance).


8 comments to Dion gets good reception in Guelph; local bloggers there to report on it.

  • kwittet

    No probs there Scott…dont want to see you on the other side of the iron bars!! I heard about that article on Charles Adler. If..and i say if this guy is telling the truth how is this much different than communism?

  • @kwittet

    It’s ok to “quote” them, Kevin.. just as it’s ok to quote what you did, but I only quote excerpts or paragraphs; I don’t reprint the entire article in full.

    IF you’d quoted a paragraph out of that article, I’d have no trouble with it being posted here. Only reason I used what I did is that I saw that particular quotation from the same article you did on another website and just used it here. I wasn’t going to guess what you might have wanted quoted and what you didn’t, and if people are interested (and not lazy), clicking on that link would take you to the exact same article you had mentioned .. and your point would still get across.

    (..and on a side-issue, Macleans might have been left-leaning at one time, but I don’t consider it so anymore, since Ken Whyte, late of the National Post, took it over. It is centre-right now, in my view).

  • kwittet

    ooops…didnt see that other post first…sorry

  • kwittet

    why is ok then to “quote” macleans and cbc and any paper or article that is obviously left leaning then??
    here is the link to the article then so others can read it..that way i am not violating any act.

  • I actually did, Kevin. That link in your comment piece that I used to replace the full article will go to that article, where it can be read in full. Or, if they go to the link I included in my followup comment.. they’ll find all that information.

    I’m not picking on you, Kevin. I’d do the same for anyone who did a full quote of a full article on here. As I understand it, fair use means you can quote an excerpt from an article online, but quoting the whole thing potentially puts someone in violation of the Copyright Act, and I dont feel like being taken to court over something like this to find out if that’s true. 😉

  • kwittet

    why didnt you put his name and riding in and the link to the post so others can read it??

  • Hello Kevin

    a) you’re not really allowed to quote articles in full – that’s against fair use and against the Copyright Act technically.. so I’ve cut down the article to reflect that

    and b) that’s not exactly what he said. THe paper misquoted him. This is how he really said it, which got twisted by that paper – which is not surprising since its a) a CanWest paper, a conservative-supporting newschain, and b) the paper that reported this supposed quote is based out of Edmonton.

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