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Conflicting signals and shooting at the wrong target.

Since Blogging a Dead Horse was crowing this morning about how Ipsos-Reid shows somehow that Canadians are sceptical about the Green Shift (a notion that Red Tory by the way refutes rather convincingly over at his blog), I thought it only appropriate to mention the Harris-Decima poll talked about in the Star which shows that Canadians want aggressive action on climate change by a wide margin (and no Mr. Harper, being aggressive doesn’t mean agreeing to non-binding targets).

I’d add that I find that its regrettable that the NDP and its partisans continue to charge at the Liberals Green Shift plan rather then go at the Conservatives, who absolutely have no plan at all to combat climate change. Yet, the NDP supporters attack the Green Shift just as hard the Conservatives do in trying to discredit it.

Apparently, the desire to gain seats at the expense of the Liberals left flank is more important to Jack Laytom and the NDP’s partisans rather then pointing out that all other parties,  despite taking different approaches, have concrete plans and committment to combat climate change, while the Cons. don’t.


4 comments to Conflicting signals and shooting at the wrong target.

  • kwittet

    THe G8 summti is a joke. Enviromental activism is the hot sexy topic and a multi billion dollar industry now. Yes we need to do something to CURB emmisions but not at the expense of the economy. CARBON FOOTPRINT…what a stupid term…if all these left leaning wingnuts want to reduce thier carbon footprint go jump off a bridge because i hate to inform you but we are a carbon based life-form. We need carbon in the lifecycle to survive. Scott…you said once you were skeptical to use polls but yet everytime a poll comes out in favor of the left you are on it like a bad smell. I am willing to bet that these pollsters that FAVOUR the left if they were to ask each person individually what they are willing to do to reduce there carbon footprint they would do NOTHING because it would affect the lifestyle they enjoy. Why is it that these left leaning pollsters never call me? Is it because I live in a tory elected riding? Is it because they target liberal strongholds so they can skew the numbers? Any why is it that when a poll comes out in favour of the cons it is very bad. I guess it shows that it is more important to tow the party line than it is to listen to the facts. Where are are the violent storms that you predicted? The fact that even though the west has had a higher outbreak of tornadoes this year and we here in SW Ontario have had it wetter than normal is it the end of the world? How about at this point last year Toronto had by this point at least 15 heat alert days …this year only one so far! If ANY of these partys want to do something to curb emmissions then why not offer some kind of tax break and i am not talking a small break but something that will give people incentive to do it…example…SOLAR POWER…the technology is there it just need to be made more affordable to the average Canadian..and its free of emmisions. OH..i know the govt would lose millions in tax dollars to people getting free power but i am sure that at the very least the liberals would come up with a new tax to replace it.

  • Scott, the Liberal Party does not have a monopoly on those who care about the environment (recent history proves that actually).

    Both Dion and Jack Layton agree on putting a price on carbon.

    But people who care about the environment can, will and should be critical of a carbon tax that has no targets for GHG reductions and which Desiree McGraw, a Liberal environment expert recomended against only a few months ago.

    The NDP’s plan puts a cap on emissions and creates a revenue stream for investments in transit and green solutions. It’s simply a better way to meet our global targets. Desiree McGraw and the members of the Task Force that advised the Liberal Party in 2006 agree.

  • Hi Scott,

    This just popped up in my RSS reader, and I thought I’d share a few quick thoughts.

    Regrading Red Tory’s post, which I read this morning, although he is correct to point out the overblown conclusions of the Edmonton Journal article, his own math is equally dubious. The bottom line of the poll is that most people aren’t very informed about the policy and among those who are more dislike than like it. That is bad news for the Liberals on both counts.

    Second (and more important) point: I think that it is disingenuous to claim that New Democrats are being overly hard on Dion while giving Harper a free ride.

    In the first place, I don’t think that it is wrong to question whether Dion’s plan will be a) effective; or, b) socially just. There are productive and unproductive ways that one can express these concerns, of course. But expressing those concerns doesn’t mean that Dippers are abandoning action on climate change to score political points. On the contrary, New Democrats want a comprehensive climate change policy that is sensitive to issues of social justice. That is a good thing. It seems to me that attempting to write off criticism of Dion’s plan as mere politicking is much less productive than raising legitimate concerns about it.

    I would also suggest that there is a considerable body of evidence against the idea that New Democrats don’t criticize the Conservatives’ lack of action on climate change. See, for example today’s press release from the party, or the non-confidence motion that the Liberals abstained on.

    I think that both New Democrats and Liberals need to tone down their hostility on this issue and try to work together to lay the foundation for a real policy solution to climate change that will be justly and fairly implemented.

    Just my two cents, though.

  • Harris Decima is a push poll if I ever saw one.

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