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Your Cons. Kool-Aid of the day…

..comes to you surprisingly in the Toronto Star, but not surprisingly from Rob Mitchell, guest columnist in the Star every other week. It’s not a surprise because Rob was a senior aide to former (and short-lived) Ontario Premier Ernie Eves, and so is used to dealing out Kool-Aid like this (though it obviously didn’t help Eves out at all).

My interpretation of his column today is as follows:

Sandra Buckler really did a great job as communications director – which is a bit of an oxymoron with this government, but it needed to stay in power, so I think being overly secretive and not releasing information to the public and reporters is a good thing. Besides, a lot of the media are out to get dirt on the Prime Minister, and a lot of them are meanies. Anyhow, the parliamentary press gallery are out of touch with the Canadian public, who don’t really cares if this is one of the most secretive governments in Canadian history – the point is that Buckler did that job perfectly, and you meanies in the parliamentary press gallery really should stop reporting how secretive this government is, because no one out there cares!

You can read his column to come up with your own interpretation of what he said, but seriously, I think Rob must be looking for a job in Harper’s government and hoping Guy Giorno, Harper’s new Chief of Staff, notices his Con Kool-Aid. Judging from his columns, his mindset in my opinion would be a perfect fit for Harper’s secretive paranoid regime.


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  • Brian Finvh

    A free press with access to our government is one of the ways we remain a true democracy. I think a lot of Canadians care if the government feels they need to hide things from the people. This elevated political cynicism to even greater heights.

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