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Bits and Bites – Some links.

I’ve been busy with attending and helping a 2 1/2 day family reunion that concluded Sunday, and I’m still feeling a tad worn out from that, but here are some things that grabbed my attention:

– Over at his blog, David writes that it appears the Conservative government is again trying to take it to the Wheat Board – and by extension the farmers which support it – by having “blocked the sale of the Canadian Wheat Board rail car fleet to the country’s wheat farmers, only to turn around and sell it off to the railways”. It appears a combination of wanting to sell to the highest bidder + continuing to have an ideological vendetta against the CWB (and thus hurting the farmers in the process) is the motivation here.

– Jim continues to rail on Chantal Hebert for her seeming vendetta against Stephane Dion. That’s been the case since the minute after Dion won, so I’m hoping Jim isn’t surprised by this. As I’ve stated, it’s more blog-worthy to me when Hebert praises something Dion does, and I can count on 1 hand how often that has happened.

Slap Upside The Head writes about the fact the Cons. have quietly tried to resurrect the axed Court Challenges Programme, only they’ve renamed it, and made it so that only linguistic rights are covered, no one else.


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