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When wingnuts freep, its time to freep right back.

I got an email from someone who I know who liked my blogpost going after Jeff Watson and his ridiculous assertion that this Henry Morgentaler appointment is all Paul Martin’s fault, and she mentioned that it wouldn’t be a bad idea if people gave the Governor-General’s residence and/or the Supreme Court a call at their 1-888 #’s and leave them a “happy” call. Apparently, the conservative radicals on the right-wing are “freeping” the switchboards of both, due to the governor-general’s decision to award Dr. Henry Morgentaler the Order of Canada. The governor-general being called is obvious, but I guess the Supreme Court is being called so they can lambaste Chief Justice Beverly Maclaughlin over her decision to put Dr. Morgentaler on that list.

Anyhow, if you want to help counter that, call the GG or the Supreme Court on the 1888 # (I wont list it here, but it’s easy enough to find) and give the poor staff a show of support and a positive call.


3 comments to When wingnuts freep, its time to freep right back.

  • Brian Finch

    Poor christians, they offend so easily. Call your hearts out, it’s not going to make a difference, and while at it, keep checking out The Toronto Star to make any comment online in support of the decision “offensive.” The only thing they are doing is driving up the hits to that sites, allowing The Star continue or better their advertising rates.

    And where are all you people when this unwanted pregnancy comes to term and is born into poverty, abuse, drugs etc.and this disadvantaged child needs help yet remains neglected. You folks don’t seem to give a rats ass about the consequences.

    Are you adopting children, volunteering at shelters, helping single mothers with support and finances, mentoring?

    I suspect not.

  • Ted

    I have no interest in “freeping”
    The folks are the real masters at this type of stuff. A friend of mine put me on their e-mail list as a “joke”. I got bombarded with e-mails urging me to sign online petitions, phone calls to Senators, etc on a daily bases. Soros money at work.
    I find the Morgantaler order very sad. I am not angry to “freep”, just sad. They rewarded a man who had no heart for the most defenseless in our society, the child in the womb.

  • Since when is letting our Head of State, the Governor General, know our thoughts “freeping”?

    Ahh, yes, I see now… whenever we on the “right” excercise our democratic rights, it’s “freeping”.

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