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Come again, Jeff Watson? The only one politicizing the Order of Canada is you!

Jeff Watson, in case you weren’t aware, is the Conservative MP for Essex, which is down near Windsor. Apparently, Jeff wasn’t too thrilled that Henry Morgentaler was given the Order of Canada by the Governor-General. Not a shocker – most Conservative MP’s aren’t.

What caught my eye about his particular objection was this line in his press release:

Watson in his written statement said the choice of Morgentaler, one of 75 people receiving the honour this year, is a “continuation of the sad legacy of the Paul Martin administration. Today, through his appointee for governor general, Mr. Martin has succeeded in politicizing the Order of Canada and in doing so diminishing its value and undermining our culture of life.”

What? It’s Paul Martin’s fault???

Look, I’m about the farthest thing from being a Paul Martin fan, but c’mon Jeff, the only one who is politicizing this is you for attacking the Governor-General by proxy thru a former Prime Minister, who I’m pretty sure wasn’t asking Michaelle Jean’s views on abortion before choosing her. Interesting, isn’t it, that the PMO and Harper have allowed their tight lease on communications to “slip” and allow all these socially conservative MP’s to spout off public statements? Is this supposed to be a vote-getter? Is attacking this supposed to, like, rile voters such as the ones in Essex above and beyond the right-wing in the district?

If the good people of Essex think there are better priorities to be focusing on, and want to get rid of this Windsor-area wingnut of a Conservative MP, then their Liberal candidate in Essex would be Susan Whelan, daughter of former Agriculture Minister Eugene Whelan, though I will say to Susan if she reads this that she does need to start blogging some more 😉

H/T CFSR for finding the story in the Windsor Star.


3 comments to Come again, Jeff Watson? The only one politicizing the Order of Canada is you!

  • This is just Harper allowing some pointless manic hand waving so the SOCONS feel represented.

  • slg

    Okay, so we know the Conservative MP’s are so partisan they’re stupid – GG doesn’t pick the recipients – a panel does.

  • WesternGrit

    Interesting point about Liberal PMs not asking the abortion question… The Conservative nut-job doesn’t get the simple little fact that, WE Liberals don’t put these hot-button religious/social issues up front like they do. We believe in a woman’s right to choose. We also focus on “middle of the road” issues that matter to most Canadians – not right or left wing issues which matter to the extreme few.

    A PM like Harper would ask the abortion question. A Liberal MP would never ask the question. What would be considered “political”, or “politicizing”? Asking the question, or never making it an issue, or treating it as something important…

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