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Blog Maintenance – testing a spam plugin.

Hi folks.. on a rather unsettled Sunday weatherwise, I thought I’d do some testing of a specific plugin I use called Wp-Spamfree, whose button you may have noticed at the bottom of my my 3rd sidepanel where I keep my buttons/logos.

It apparently has been overzealous in preventing some of you from posting even when you turn on cookies and javascript as it requests. The author of this plugin believe there is a conflict with another of my plugins, and the main suspect right now is the AJAX Edit comments plugin, which allows users to edit their comments up to a specific time limit. It uses Ajax as it says, which is a derivative of javascript, and hence the main reason it’s the prime suspect for conflict.

So.. if any of you are bored, leave a comment here at this posting or at some of my other postings prior to this one, where you may have tried to leave something and had it zapped. Let me know if turning off the Edit comments plugin is all of a sudden allowing you to post comments again if it wasn’t before.

If it’s still refusing you, or gives you an error even with your javascript and cookies on, send me an email.

UPDATE – June 30, [email protected]:59pm: It appears I’ve had other users trying to leave comments getting the same problem of the site not allowing them to post even with Javascript and cookies on – and this with Edit Comments still turned off.. so I dont think that is the problem. I have seen a new update for the spam plugin come out.. so I’ve upgraded to that one, and I’ve discovered a plugin in my list that also uses Javascript, so I’ve turned it off and we’ll see if that combo means legit users get the same problem.


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