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More examples/evidence of climate change in North America, & why policies like “Green Shift” need to be implemented.

The very term “global warming” is unfortunately used by some sceptics to falsely deny that anything environmentally bad is happening on Earth nowadays; in their minds, if a region of Canada gets record snowfall, or if China gets record cold, that automatically debunks the theory, because that surely shows it isn’t getting warmer. What the reality of the situation is that the overwhelming scientific consensus worldwide is that “global warming” will lead to climate change, which will lead to an increase in extremes and unpredictability of weather conditions.

You can see those extremes just south of the border. Everyone knows about the extreme flooding in the US Midwest – particularly Iowa. Not far south of Iowa however, the problem is something completely different – record drought:

Officials in the Oklahoma Panhandle are appealing for government aid to help with the effects of a drought that has harmed crops and livestock forage. “This area is starting to look like the Sahara Desert,” said Ann Boyd, a 76-year-old rancher in Cimarron County, at the western edge of the Panhandle. “There’s just nothing here. Even the weeds are dying. The buffalo grass isn’t coming up. There’s nothing.”

Apparently, only an inch and a half of rain has fallen on the Western Oaklahoma area this year:

It’s drier now than it was in the Dust Bowl years of the 1930s, and to date it’s the second driest year on record for the Panhandle. … Crops are failing. Cattle are starving. The winds are howling.

It isn’t just Oklahoma: Texas is also under a severe prolonged drought as is the Southeastern US. Look at other things that have been reported on: Australia’s record dry spring, one of China’s brutal winter’s for cold ever, and the fact that the Arctic is forecast to be completely free of ice at the end of summer; probably for the first time in recorded history if not unrecorded history.

ALl of these factors are evidence of those very extremes that have been predicted by the overwhelming worldwide scientific community. This is why we need to do something to stop or slow this process, which is why a plan like the Liberals Green Shift is necessary and indeed, urgent. We cannot continue to stick our heads in the sand like certain political parties and their supporters (actually, one political party and their supporters – the Conservatives) would have us do. They and their supporters can do nothing more then try to trash the Green Shift plan without offering any feasible alternative, and do nothing but try to inflame regional grievances without offering any alternative. They would have Big Oil continue to pump out GHG – all in the name of making as much money as they can – and they do so happily, plundering Canadian consumers at the gas pump while taking in record profits.

It is the Cons, and Big Oil that are “screwing Canada” by continuing to do this without thought or heed to the worldwide warning signals, and it is for this reason that the Cons. must be defeated at the earliest possible date, and the Green Shift and other environmental methods (the Liberals cap-and trade plan from last year – the Carbon Budget – is still on the books to be put in place down the road if the Liberals are elected), implemented as soon as possible to show that Canada is truly “back” as an environmental leader and is serious about trying to halt the climate change and the extreme weather caused by that which the global community is facing.


8 comments to More examples/evidence of climate change in North America, & why policies like “Green Shift” need to be implemented.

  • Eve

    Scott: The odd snowfall does not negate global warming but 10 years of no warming and the prediction of 20 more years without warming does.
    I think you have not taken a look at the planets temperature history. It warmed in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. It cooled during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Then it warmed during the 80’s and 90’s. It has been cooling since 1998.
    You are saying that global warming exists based on a 30 year warming period, followed by a 30 year cooling period, followed by a 20 year warming period, followed by 10 to 30 years of cooling. This whole hoax was dreamed up on the basis of a .7 degree C increase in the planet’s temperature from the end of the little ice age to 1998. We lost that .7 degree C in 2007 and 2008.
    If you still want to pay the Liberals please contribute to them. I know they need it. The rest of us need all out money for heating.

  • Mike Harris

    i have posted on here a few times about where are the targets that this is going to make any difference and yet no one seems to be able to provide a link..thats because there is no target..its all about robbing the rich togive to the poor~~~this troll pays more than his fair share of want to pay more taxes vote dion..then i will move west when it separates from the rest of canada@Paladiea

  • Ted

    The green shift will appeal to those who live downtown, use public transit, ride bikes to work, eat organic food, go to Starbucks, etc. Those of us who live in the suburbs, or rural areas, see organic as the fraud that it is, go to Tim Hortons for our coffee at half the price thank you very much, see that the green shaft will eat at our pocket books. Are these the voters Dion needs? Or does he only want to appeal to the city vote?

  • I don’t know what’s sadder Scott… That Mike Harris is commenting on your blog or that he sounds like every other right wing troll…

  • Mike Harris

    I have yet to see where in the green shift about any hard targets? And how is one country doing this going to make a huge difference over all. there seems to be a bit of a contradiction and i have heard it on the news that we are actually experiencing a cooling trend now..the fact that science has yet to prove that we are actually causing permanent damage is pure speculation. these 2500 so called scientists that all have said this is happening is a LIE. they are not all scientists. in the last few thousand years we have had some very hot periods and ice ages..some scientist believe it is a normal cycle. but the enviroment is a sexy topic right now and the libs being the desperate party they are to get back in power are willing to do anything to get canadians to vote for them. taxing the shit out of every product on the market and then giving modest tax breaks to hard working canadians and better breaks to low income earners is NOT the has serious recesion written all over it. is harper doing enough?? NO but he is not willing to drive the economy into the ground for the sake of staying in power also. why is it that the left leaners are against big companys making profits? dont get me wrong…i hate the gas prices also. scott..i read here once that you dont drive and you live at your parents house so how is a green shift going to affect you? it wont much. but those of us who rely on our cars to get to work and feed our familys need tax relief not more taxes. if this green shift is really revenue zero then what is the point? why take away money from some just to give it all back in another way? it makes no sense. just maybe the west is the place to be if the libs get back in because then there will be a seperatist revolution out there and that will be the place to be!!

  • Ted

    We have had extreme weather ever since I was born and many years before that. Its part of nature.
    Letting people build on the Mississipi flood plain is human stupidity.
    Using FEMA dollars to rebuild the beach house after a hurricane is the ultimite in liberal government stupidity.

  • From the latest poll and everything, I read, it is all against the Green plan. Just look at all the rain we have had here, in Southern Ontario., Unusual thunderstorms. The farmers have had too much rain for their corn, where they are always complaining of it being too dry. We need to do something…I know it, but, from what I read, the ones out West do not know it, or don’t care.

  • …a plan like the Liberals Green Shift is necessary and indeed, urgent.

    Whooee! Well, Scotty, a lot of us agree with that. We need a plan like the LPC plan only a lot stronger. The LPC plan is aimed , in part, at voter acceptance, saleability. From what we’ve seen so far, I’d call it too little, too late.

    The tax-shift is a good start but it needs to be accompanied by a spending-shift that reflects the urgency of the climate crisis. Sadly, it won’t be until we’ve passed the tipping point that people will wake up and realize they needed to swallow some inconvenient truths back in 2008.


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