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Harmonizing more then just carbon taxes.

I caught this story over at Steve’s place last night about Liberal leader Stephane Dion talking to BC Premier Gordon Campbell about harmonizing the 2 carbon taxes in order to make sure they work together and don’t overlap.

I would also not be surprised if there wasn’t talk of harmonizing on another matter – that being to both BC and the federal Liberals to respond equally forcefully on attacks the federal Conservatives under Stephen Harper will lead on Dion’s “Green Shift”. Remember, when Campbell brought his version of a carbon tax in – John Baird made a statement saying more or less claiming that BC’s approach complimented the federal Conservatives approach; not a word about Westerners or BC’ers “screwing Canada” or how insane a policy this carbon tax was. That of course has changed now that the federal Official Opposition has proposed something almost exactly similar.

Combine that with the news that the Cons. are prepared to spend big money ads all summer attacking the Green Shift – a large portion of that in BC – and you can see why Premier Campbell would feel that an attack on the federal Liberals Green shift plan is also an attack on his plan. So, it makes sense politically for him to come to the federal Liberals defense in counterattacking publicly this continued campaign of fear and smear. Keep an eye out for that this summer.


4 comments to Harmonizing more then just carbon taxes.

  • Observant

    Let’s try to connect to that URL again..

    Dion — Cos I’m the TaxMan video:…h? v=lQGb2adHCd8

    Hilarious and harmonizing with the Beatles too ..LOL

  • Observant

    Dion — Cos I’m the TaxMan video:…h? v=lQGb2adHCd8

    Hilarious and harmonizing with the Beatles too ..LOL

  • “How do you sell ‘details to follow’?”

    Why don’t you ask your boy Baird and Harper, because that has been their green plan for the past year. Still waiting…

    Besides, there are many ways to harmonize, if people put their minds together. Maybe, just maybe, that is part of the reason for the meeting- last time I checked the legislation hasn’t passed, so sort of ridiculous to demand all the details now, except for desperate Cons I suppose.

  • wilson

    So, both you and Steve V have posts on harmonizing the carbon tax with BC and Quebec’s tax.
    Neither of the posts have comments.

    No details to debate.
    How do you sell ‘details to follow’?

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