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Progressive Blogger get-together on Sat Sept 13.

I’m only posting this here because not everyone reads the announcements box at Prog Blog’s webpage and because not all affiliates are on Facebook to receive the invitation. After some lengthy discussion and feedback, we have set a date for the 3rd Annual Progressive Bloggers get-together/BBQ for Saturday September 13 starting at 2 pm in Unionville Ontario, at Vijay Sappani’s place, who kindly offered to host the event again this year. When it ends is an open question – I believe it was well into the night last year before everyone left. If the event is like last year, you’ll be well fed and well taken care of by Vijay, who received very good reviews as a host (particularly for his spicy chicken he served).

Along with the Prog Blog affiliates who are invited, there may be some special guests dropping by as well – we’ll see. If you’re interested in attending, but aren’t on Facebook to have received those directions, please drop me an email, and I’ll be happy to give you directions to Vijay’s place. You can also drop Vijay a note to ask him for directions or if you have any questions by heading over to his blog and leaving him an email there.


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