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Progressive voters like the Green Shift.

What I take out of the first poll taken on the Green Shift since its release by the Liberals other then I’m very encouraged at the reaction to it is this: progressive voters apparently know a good environmental policy when they see one, and will give it credit for being so, despite possibly having differences with it over whether another option like a Cap-And-Trade is more viable or if the current proposed policy is strong enough. These are great initial numbers in response to the announcement of the Green Shift from across the progressive spectrum:

Two-thirds of Liberals, 59 per cent of New Democrats, 62 per cent Parti Quebecois supporters and 48 per cent of Green Party supporters said they were in favour of the policy – all, except for the Green Party, by wide margins.

Know what I find amusing? 59% of NDP supporters support the Green Shift despite their leadership and partisan NDP bloggers (like Cam and Horse) telling them the sky will fall in if this is implemented over the NDP’s preferred cap-and-trade setup, yet the smallest approval rating – albeit a plurality still – comes from Green Party self-identified voters, when the Liberals are using their version of a Green Shift, albeit a weaker one then what the Greens would prefer.

So, I’m giving a big shout out to those NDP supporters out there who are supporting this knowing it might not be their preferred method of dealing with the GHG issue, but it’s still a way to deal with it, and they’re willing to support it despite what their partisans and their leadership says about the issue. I don’t however, know what to make of only the small plurality of Greens supporting this; maybe more of them dislike their ideas getting “borrowed” by other political parties then Liz May and the Greens leadership let on.

Oh.. and I also like the fact that 1/3 of self-identified Conservative voters support this plan. No wonder Harper is going around ranting and raving and acting like a spoiled surly child rather then a Prime Minister. He has no credible environmental plan of his own, and he faces a potential wedge issue with his own supporters over this.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer fella. Oh… and Steve.. we’re still waiting for you to accept a “civilized” debate on the Liberals plan… though with your temper, I realize that it might be hard for you.


3 comments to Progressive voters like the Green Shift.

  • IP sums it nicely for partisans like herself and on the NDP blogosphere, but the pollster says that the policy has significant potential for voters who aren’t quite as partisan but who normally ID with certain parties like the NDP to consider voting for the Liberals.

    In otherwards, The NDP blogosphere doesn’t necessarily = the regular NDP voter’s voting intentions is my reply to you and to IP.

  • I may support the main thrust of “The Green Shift”, but its a far cry from actually voting Liberal. I think IP sums it up nicely.

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