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The Canadian political version of the Phoney War.

We’re in that time period when Parliament adjourns for the summer until it resumes sitting in the fall where things usually quiet down considerably on the Canadian political scene. That usually means that Canadian political and social-oriented blogs quiet down a bit too. Fortunately, we have a US presidential election going on (though even that gets tedious to talk about over and over until we get to the respective party conventions down there), and we do have the Green Shift plan, though even that hot debate I can’t see as being in the news everyday. If it is, then Dion and the Liberals have a major achievement in seizing the political agenda and initiative away from the Cons, but presuming it isn’t, I’ll be very interested to read what everyone will be talking about this summer while we’re in the summertime lull and calm before the Autumn storm.


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  • Bill C-61 will have to be a topic we educate non-technical people on, and explain it will make playing DVDs on some computers illegal, and playing DVDs on iPods illegal too. Among other things, it’s supported by one minister who doesn’t know the difference between “download” and “upload”, and another minister who wants the market to decide if they should install rootkit spyware on your computer when you buy music.

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