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Dion tells Harper to grow up and act mature.

I love the response of Dion to Harper claiming Canadians would get “screwed” by the Liberals plan:

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion has scolded Stephen Harper over his criticism of the Liberals’ so-called green shift, challenging the prime minister Saturday to an “adult” debate on the issue…”I call on the prime minister to debate with me any time on TV on this issue in a respectful, meaningful and adult way,” an angry Dion said on Toronto’s Centre Island…”It was vulgar and I don’t think Canadians are impressed by that,” Dion said of Harper’s comments Friday. “They want the prime minister to act as a prime minister.”

A perfect frame of Harper’s comments by Dion, reinforcing how classless and immature Harper’s comments were, unbecoming of an adult, let alone of a Prime Minister. Do I think Harper will take Dion up on the offer? Not at all – he’s shown himself over and over again in his political career to be an over-the-top partisan who resorts to smears and cheapshots.

Dion should, however, continue to point out how childish and petulant Harper has been over this debate since the Green Shift was announced. Acting statesmanlike and willing to debate the merits of the plan, vs a party that has no plan and acts collectively like a petulant bully is a winner in the public debate for Dion and the Liberals in my opinion, and will help those poll #’s of the Liberals and personal popularity numbers for Dion to rise, I believe.


6 comments to Dion tells Harper to grow up and act mature.

  • @Babylonian

    Well Babylonian, then Harper should have no problems debating Dion one on one. According to you guys, he’s “not a leader” and a weak leader.. so what’s the problem with the mighty Harper debating Dion one-on-one on the carbon tax and the environment as a whole?

  • “Harper uses the word “screwed”, and the liberals manage to somehow find fault in this; funny how they can swallow such a camel.”

    Well, uh, yeah, for the smart man that Harper is, that is not an articulate argument at all. He says Canadians will be screwed, but doesn’t back it up. Hard not to find fault with it.

  • Joseph

    Dion handled this very well, and Harper just sounds like his normal petty self. This is a bona fide issue facing the nation – actual policy. So the response should be appropriate public debate, not screeching “crazy” and “you’re gonna be screwed.” But if you feel better digging through history, go right ahead. It does seem to be return of the 70s week for the conservatives talking points.

    Scott, off-topic now, but I’ve posted on a few other bloggers websites because this seems to be sliding right by without any notice . . .

    Attached is an article revealing how new immigration applications are on hold (and have been since February!) –

    With the green shift dominating the news, I almost didn’t even see it. I am really surprised someone hasn’t talked about this already. How insane to just stop processing applications while “awaiting” the priorities from the immigration minister’s office.

    Talk about great ways of throwing a wrench in a process while claiming to offer solutions. Sounds like they are really working on that immigration process backlog – not.

    I am still disappointed the Liberals didn’t allow the government to fall over this, but this “pick and choose” scheme needs to be jettisoned when this government falls.

    One of the great things about Canada’s immigration system has been that it is clear and immigrants know what to expect. That is all out the window now. And they’ve already started manipulating it, as is clear from the article.

  • Babylonian

    Tru%eau (Some consider his name a cuss word, hence the symbol) had disdain for English Canada, befriended communist thugs, and had used his middle finger on at least one occassion.

    Harper uses the word “screwed”, and the liberals manage to somehow find fault in this; funny how they can swallow such a camel.

  • ted

    I think Harper is having fun with Dion, It reminds me of Trudeau poking at Joke Clark and Freddy Stanfield.

    Trudeau ridiculed (justifiably) Stanfied for bonehead “wage and price controls”, only to adopt them himself after the election.

  • Babylonian

    Why won’t Dion call an election? That would be the perfect venue for a debate………..I am sure Layton will circle Dion like a vulture as Harper gives him the shots.

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